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Upgrading Your Database and Changing Database Architecture 

09-25-2020 01:18:15 PM

The entries contained here provide information for upgrading MS SQL Server and Oracle databases, so that you are able to test with upgraded database instances before rolling them out.

You will also find information on changing to Oracle's Multi-Tenant architecture. 

The following Oracle-specific use cases are covered here:

  • Create lower environments in the latest Oracle Version and in Multi-Tenant Architecture while production database remains on previous version and in Standalone Architecture
  • Test that upgraded versions and MT work with your application using your latest production data
  • Practice your upgrades and your conversion on virtual data to minimize issues and time on upgrade/conversion day
  • Converted/Upgraded Virtual Pluggable Databases(VPDBs) have all the Delphix features including self-service, masking, CI/CD integration, etc.
  • Accomplish Oracle upgrades and MT conversions through automated pipelines and scripts with ease 


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