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Delphix Deprecation Announcement for Docker Compose

By Brian Muskoff posted 01-23-2024 08:00:01 AM



We are reaching out to inform you that Docker Compose will be deprecated as a supported container platform for Data Control Tower and Hyperscale Compliance.  The January 2024 releases for both products start a 12-month deprecation period for all supported versions on Docker Compose.  All prior and current product versions will continue to be supported on Docker Compose until January 2025. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions below for further details.

We understand these products provide a daily source of important capabilities to manage your Delphix operations, and we are committed to making your transition a success. We plan to work with every Delphix customer impacted as needed to ensure a clean and guided migration. 

Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to working with you.



Delphix Product Management


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why was the decision made to End-of-Life Docker Compose?

    We introduced support for Docker Compose as an initial entry point for Container platform support.  As our enterprise customers have adopted the products, we have learned that Kubernetes-based container platforms are the de facto standard.  Therefore, to provide our customers with the best possible product experience, we have decided to consolidate platform support to enable additional focus. 


  • I’m on Docker Compose now, what are my migration options?

    We have robust Kubernetes-based platform support options that include MicroK8s and OpenShift.  Migration documentation is also available today and we can partner with you to craft a personalized migration plan.  


  • Can I save my current configurations when migrating?

    Yes, you can retain all configurations so you will not lose anything when migrating platforms.  Please refer to the product documentation for migration details.


  • When do I have to make this change?

    Docker Compose support is deprecated with the January 2024 releases of DCT and Hyperscale Compliance.  All prior and new versions will continue to be supported on Docker Compose until January 2025.  Beyond January 2025, no prior or future versions will be supported on Docker Compose.

Support Policy

The Delphix Product Lifecycle policy remains in effect for the support of older Delphix versions.

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