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Delphix End of Support Announcement for Delphix Self-Service (Jet Stream)

By Nicholas Mathison posted 03-13-2024 01:00:00 PM



We are reaching out to inform you of our plans to end support for Delphix Self-Service (formerly known as JetStream). The March 2024 release of Delphix Continuous Data starts an 18-month end-of-support period for all supported versions of Delphix Self-Service. We will continue to support Delphix Self-Service in prior and current product versions until September 30, 2025. After September 2025, all versions of Delphix Self-Service will be out of support. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions below for further details.


We understand this feature provides important capabilities for your application teams and are committed to continuing their success. To get started, we encourage everyone to register for our Adopting Data Control Tower for Self-Service webinar on April 17, 2024. We also plan to work with every Delphix customer impacted as needed to ensure a clean and guided migration to Data Control Tower. 


Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to working with you.



Delphix Product Management


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why was the decision made to End-of-Support Delphix Self-Service?

The Delphix Self-Service functionality has helped provide end users with secure access to virtual databases for many years. However, over that time, customer feedback has guided us to rethink the overall solution, which led us to introduce the Developer Experience in Data Control Tower (DCT). The DCT Developer Experience is now the successor to Delphix Self-Service and provides many new and improved features like VDB Groups, multi-engine orchestration, a modern interface, refined APIs, and a supported command-line option.


  • When do I have to make this change?
    Delphix Self-Service support will be deprecated with the Delphix Continuous Data March 2024 release. Starting in September 2024, we will no longer enable fresh engine installs to use Delphix Self-Service. Engine upgrades will be unaffected.

    We expect all customers to migrate to Data Control Tower (DCT) by September 30, 2025. Until then, Delphix Self-Service will continue to be supported through Delphix Support.


  • I’m using Delphix Self-Service now, what are my migration options?

Many Delphix customers have already made the switch to the Data Control Tower (DCT) Developer Experience. We suggest working with your Delphix account team who can help plan the end-to-end migration and share various resources.

Alongside upcoming DCT releases, we will continue to invest in streamlining the migration process, such as providing:

    1. Default Self-Service permission model

    2. Simplified bookmark migration

    3. Tutorials to upskill application teams


In the meantime, if you have an active Delphix License, you can download DCT, install it, and try it out by following the Deployment documentation.


  • Can I save my current configurations when migrating?

Yes, all existing Delphix Continuous Data configurations can be replicated and improved in Data Control Tower (DCT). The Delphix Self-Service permissions and features will feel similar. However, any VDBs managed by the Delphix Self-Service container model are incompatible with DCT. All existing containers must be removed. Read our Delphix Self-Service vs. DCT developer experience documentation for more information.


  • How can I learn more about migrating to Data Control Tower?

On April 17th, we have scheduled an Adopting Data Control Tower for Self-Service webinar. (Edit: Complete the registration form to watch the recording!) This webinar plans to cover the complete migration plan, from installation to configuration to rollout. We highly recommend you attend to learn how to make the shift to DCT alongside some newer self-service features!

Support Policy

The Delphix Product Lifecycle policy remains in effect for the support of older Delphix Continuous Data versions.