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Delphix End-Of-Life Notice: Data Control Tower (DCT) SaaS

By Nicholas Mathison posted 03-30-2023 02:23:30 PM


Dear Delphix Customers,

We are reaching out to inform you that Data Control Tower (DCT) SaaS is deprecated immediately with a formal End-of-Life (EoL) date of May 23, 2023. Until then, we will only deliver significant security patches and non-code assistance through our Customer Support channels. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions below for further details.

We understand DCT SaaS provides a daily source of important capabilities to manage your Delphix operations, and we are committed to making your transition a success. Your Customer  Success Manager will reach out shortly to schedule a meeting, identify the next steps, and help answer any questions. We plan to work with every Delphix customer impacted to ensure a clean and guided migration.

Please be aware that all engines should be disconnected from DCT SaaS before the EoL date to avoid potential errors. See the FAQ section below for more details

Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to working with you.


Delphix Product Management

Frequently Asked Questions


Why was the decision made to End-of-Life DCT SaaS?

We introduced both the SaaS and software versions of DCT over the last couple of years and customer demand for the software version has been much stronger. To provide our customers with the best possible product experience, we have decided to consolidate product development focus to a single offering.

Should I move to the software version of DCT?

Since DCT version 3.0, the software offering provides a superset of DCT SaaS capability. It includes many new features such as a unified API-gateway across engines, global role-based access control, object tagging, and supported integrations for Terraform and ServiceNow. It is a more robust alternative for current users of DCT SaaS.

What are my migration options?

To ensure your success, we will partner with you to craft a personalized migration plan which may include entitlement migration and a services package. Your Customer Success Manager is ready to answer any questions you may have.

What will happen to my connected engines?

All customers should disconnect their engines from DCT SaaS before the EoL date by following these directions. Failure to do so will cause repeated errors by the engines attempting to establish a connection. Addressing this issue after the EoL date will require Delphix Customer Support's involvement. Please be aware that disconnecting the engines from DCT SaaS will severe the authentication and access management sync model. However, the defined permissions on each engine will be preserved.

What will happen to my SaaS data?

We understand many customers are frequent users of DCT SaaS, and we want to give you ample time to access your data for record keeping. From today until the EoL date (May 23, 2023), you may contact Customer Support, and they will assist in providing a complete dataset of your DCT SaaS data. In addition, our existing reporting and API functionality will be available until the EoL date. We will expunge all data 30 days after the EoL date to ensure clean, unrecoverable disposal of all customer data pursuant to applicable laws.

Can I automatically transition my SaaS data?

Today, there is no ability to export and import data from the SaaS to the software version of DCT. Exporting data from SaaS is for audit purposes only.