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Blog: Hybrid Cloud and Migration Architectures

By Delphix FAQs posted 07-13-2015 04:09:47 PM

Overcoming data inertia
The difficulty of moving data is a classic barrier for migrating workloads into the cloud, and is the primary reason why most organizations base their new applications around architectures in public clouds but leave a huge proportion of their old applications on-premise. The problem is usually not that there are hardware- or software-level incompatibilities with the infrastructure in the cloud — it’s simply that data movement is challenging for organizations with hundreds of applications.
You can’t shut down your datacenter to move it, so you have to upload backups and then send incremental updates until the copy in the cloud is a close match to the original. Then you have to keep applying incremental updates until you’ve run a plethora of tests, many of which might require their own copies of the data to avoid modifying the one that you’ll eventually use to failover into the public cloud.

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