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Blog: Using Delphix in Windows environments with multiple domains

By Delphix FAQs posted 08-17-2015 03:13:16 PM


It’s not uncommon for us to get requests for guidance on using Delphix in SQL Server environments where production and dev/test/reporting environments exist in different Windows domains (which may or may not have trust relationships). This could be done for security or organizational reasons but could make communication between Windows hosts in the disparate domains more complicated to manage. There are many ways that Delphix can work in these environments. Ultimately, our customers need to choose a solution based on their unique requirements, but I thought it may be interesting to walk through some potential scenarios.

One typical reason for separation between domains and having Delphix interact with Windows hosts in different domains would be to separate production environments from dev/test environments for organizational reasons. Others could be for geographical regions, or domains of companies that remain after an acquisition.

We’ll look at the different points where Windows communication between hosts may require domain credentials and how that relates to a Delphix deployment. The main complication of multi-domain environments where trust relationships don’t exist is the lack of simple configuration of SMB access. Because users can’t be authenticated in this situation they’re treated as “Anonymous” users. Additional configuration options are required to allow this.
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