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Blog: Delphix now supports SAP ASE on AIX

By Delphix FAQs posted 07-27-2015 04:06:51 PM

For customers running SAP ASE, Delphix recently added support for the IBM AIX platform in the Delphix Engine release. With support for AIX, Delphix brings the power of Data as a Service to even more organizations, particularly those in the financial services and healthcare industries. By virtualizing the data in SAP ASE, Delphix not only helps eliminate up to 90% of the database infrastructure costs associated with application development, but also provides unique power features to development teams using SAP ASE on AIX.

Whether customers are buying and implementing packaged applications (such as SAP ERP), building custom applications, or moving applications to the cloud, Delphix gives application development teams high quality data in just minutes. Many customers – including organizations that rely on SAP ASE – are leveraging Delphix to deliver application projects 50% faster. Platform support for ASE on AIX expands the reach of both Delphix and SAP, further strengthening an important partnership.
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