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HANA 2.0 Plugin on SUSE on IBM POWER architecture

By Tommy Tran posted 01-14-2021 11:44:54 AM

I am trying to find compatibility information for HANA 2.0 Plugin Version 4.3.1. I can see that it is supported on SUSE 12 SP4 Operating System from the link below. However, it doesn't say if it is supported on SUSE on IBM POWER Architecture.

Could you please share if it is supported for SUSE on IBM POWER Architecture?

Thank you

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01-18-2021 07:31:34 AM

Hello Tommy,

In nut shell, Hardware(Power systems) doesn't matter when the underlying operating system is supported by DELPHIX. 

For more details, kindly visit -

So yes, it is supported for suse OS on power systems.

Prabhjot Singh