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Delphix SAN Migration using command interface

By Carl Metzger posted 12-22-2016 05:22:42 PM


Delphix SAN
Migration using CLI

We had to migrate 35TB of Delphix storage from one SAN Array to another.  Our main requirement was to perform this migration online without any VDB downtime and ensuring minimal impact to VDB performance. To accomplish this task, we used a Delphix capability: Online Storage migration. It worked seamlessly without any issues and we were able to migrate to the new SAN storage without any impacts to the End-users!! 

We first added 35TB of new Storage to Delphix, so for brief time we had both the existing as well as new storage allocated to storage pool, for a total of 70TB. Then we started removing one Device at a time, which took around 7 to 9 hours for each 5TB device to move the data over to the remaining Delphix devices. The nice thing about this capability is the storage de-allocation process works in background and uses minimal memory footprint. 

We loved this capability and if you have similar requirement, we would recommend you to use this route.  It does not require any additional Delphix appliances.




12-22-2016 07:05:32 PM

Hi carl, Understood your need, but was generally speaking if we can have the choice of influencing it to concentrate on one or the other Regards, Mouhssine

12-22-2016 06:36:19 PM

Our goal was to minimize the impact on the users.  Delphix engine did a good job of managing the memory and job priorities  We scheduled 3 weeks for the move, but it took less than 63 hours. Consequently, the user never noticed it was going on.

12-22-2016 05:38:13 PM

Hi Carl, This is a great news never had time to give it a try, but glad to hear that it works pretty well. May be it be good to define a sort of priority level for the engine, to defin which job is prior mirroring disk over vdb ios or vis verra this to shorten the mirroring duration. regards, Mouhssine