Mouhssine Saidi

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Based in Paris, France. Experienced and knowledgeable IT technology professional with 16 years IT experience. Holding a degree as Graduate Engineer (Master of Information Technologies) of one of the most innovative training program schools called EPITECH / EPITA, Le Kremlin-Bicêtre / Paris, France.

Combining an advanced level of technical knowledge with good business vision, seen as exceptional problem solving with a broad understanding of global infrastructure stack.

Having a strong background with oracle’s portfolio (Oracle DB and options, Middleware, IAM, engineered systems, ZFS storage and virtualization), Delphix great track record, devops, coding and *NIX sysadmin.

Multi-certified (Oracle, Delphix) others to come … 

Eager to learn something new every day.

DPM group owner and speaker.

Technical blogger

Multi-lang speaker (Arabic, French and English) starting Spanish