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Delphix Response to Recent News about Okta

By Chris Price posted 03-22-2022 03:10:52 PM

We are aware of the recently reported news regarding a potential security incident with Okta (and the update). At this time we have no indication of impact to Delphix products, services, or customers.

Okta is used as part of our integration with customer identity systems in our Data Control Tower SaaS product. Data Control Tower SaaS is used for Delphix Engine management and does not have access to the data managed by the engines. We are actively investigating and taking precautionary measures. We are in communication with our contacts at Okta and continue to monitor this event. This is a developing industry event and we will be providing updates here based on our investigations and as the broader understanding of the event develops.
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03-24-2022 08:59:54 PM

Update: We have received confirmation from Okta that Delphix was not among the roughly 2.5% of Okta customers whose data may have been viewed or acted upon.

In addition and prior to this confirmation from Okta we conducted or own precautionary investigation and response actions which included a review of all of our Okta logs covering the impacted time period of Jan 16 to Jan 21 and rotating relevant Okta access credentials.

Based on our own investigation and corroborating confirmation from Okta we have a high degree of confidence that we have not been impacted as a result. Delphix customers do not need to take any action unless they themselves use Okta.