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Blog: Delphix as a smart NFS Server

By Delphix FAQs posted 05-09-2016 03:56:59 PM

David Ruthven wrote about Delphix as a smart NFS Server.
Delphix is best known for its ability to automatically virtualize entire databases but Delphix can also be used to virtualize filesystem files and folders.  This capability is called AppData which is designed to virtualize application software or any data held in files and folders.

There are two methods of using AppData to synchronise with files and folders.  You can either have Delphix synchronise by periodically scanning a set of folders to capture updates or you can manage the updates yourself by using an AppData mount point.

Delphix can provision virtual storage and present that to a server as an NFS mount point, what we call a virtual mount point, vMount.  You can then copy data into that mount point and because the copied data is managed by Delphix, the data is catalogued, compressed and de-duplicated between copied versions.   Now that Delphix has one or more copies you can provision shared copies of any version of this data to another server over NFS or as a physical copy.
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