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How does Delphix handle the multiple archivelog streams of a RAC cluster?

By Delphix FAQs posted 02-19-2014 08:34:55 PM

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02-19-2014 08:35:02 PM

Because Delphix requires that all instances in a RAC cluster write to shared storage, Delphix will be able to fetch all archivelogs regardless of whether any of the instances are down. RMAN, which is the mechanism Delphix uses to collect a source database’s archivelogs, has the intelligence to collect archivelogs belonging to each of the instances in a RAC cluster. Delphix will be able to use the collection of archivelogs to construct a full TimeFlow for a RAC dSource, enabling end-users to provision VDBs from discreet points in time or SCN numbers.