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Delphix for Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery

By Jaclyn Schoof posted 12-06-2016 03:51:15 AM


The Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery movement is transforming software development processes andexpectations CI/CD has enabled innovative firms to push new code and new features orders of magnitude fasterthan ever before, delivering unprecedented value to customers and businesses

A successful CI/CD practice requires smoothly automated operations support If even one component is slow, ordelivered manually, the entire delivery pipeline is delayed by that bottleneck

For many organizations, data is that bottleneck It is difficult to deliver fresh, complete data to testing environmentson demand This means either that tests must wait extended periods—delaying overall software delivery—or thatcode ships at lower quality, compromising its value

Delphix is the solution for these organizations Delphix makes it possible to deliver faithful copies of databases andfile system data in minutes, by delivering virtual databases (VDBs) and virtual files (vFiles) to developers and testers. This allows CI/CD teams to close the loop and achieve the best possible acceleration  

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