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Finding Your Drafts

By Michael Torok posted 05-20-2019 04:29:59 PM


The community saves your work when you are idle for 10 seconds. Drafts of material can be found in your profile, whether your draft was saved automatically, and you are accessing the material after a crash or mistakenly closing your browser. Or, you are looking for drafts of posts or blogs you saved as drafts that you are actively coming back to work on.

To locate your drafts:

  1. Log in to the community, and then click your profile picture (or silhouette) at the top right of the window.
  2. Click Profile.
  3. Select the My Contributions tab, and then click List of Contributions.
    List of contributions
  4. On the List of Contributions window, filter the list and select View draft items.
    View Draft Items