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How Utah’s Top Health Insurance Company Uses Data to Empower Healthier Living

By Michael Torok posted 05-05-2020 09:00:00 AM

While the evolution of digital health is happening at a swift pace,
How Utah’s Top Health Insurance Company Uses Data to Empower Healthier Living
companies like SelectHealth are discovering ways to unlock a wave of data access to power new innovative solutions, inspire healthier living, and stay ahead of the curve.

This article was originally published on the Delphix website here March 12, 2020

When Apple first entered the health and wellness space a little over five years ago, the tech behemoth was mostly focused on wellness apps and wearables. That has changed dramatically—today, Apple, along with Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are all aiming to disrupt areas of the healthcare industry, including medical devices, digital health records and more. It’s a rich environment for new products and services, but Silicon Valley tech companies aren’t the only ones innovating.   

Founded in 1983, SelectHealth is an industry leader that recognizes the importance of combining the patient experience with technology. From empowering patients with electronic medical records that help them seamlessly track their health journey to expanding care access through telemedicine, SelectHealth is on a mission to “help people live the healthiest lives possible.” 

But maintaining and evolving the patient experiences is no easy task. To do so, SelectHealth needed to turn data into a competitive advantage and bring innovative healthcare solutions to market faster.  

Unlocking data silos and protecting patient confidentiality were two areas that needed attention. SelectHealth held its customer data in various repositories that were all structured differently, and there was no standard way of delivering data to the teams that needed it like developers, quality assurance teams, testers—and partners. SelectHealth has invested in partnerships with companies like Intermountain Healthcare to develop its premium yet affordable patient experience, but such collaborations made it difficult to track customer data and ensure its PHI (protected health information) compliance. 

Adopting a DataOps strategy resulted in dramatic change. They brought on Delphix, a DataOps platform, to enable a rapid, automated, and secure distribution and management of data within their enterprise. By combining data compliance with on-demand data delivery, Delphix’s platform slashed the time it takes for developers to access information from days to mere minutes and, with its ability to provision masked copies of data, SelectHealth can now engage partners 10 times faster.

While Delphix has been instrumental in helping SelectHealth cut costs and curb productivity losses, the largest benefit has been the time saved: “Now, we are able to test in environments with realistic datasets, improving the quality of our applications and providing a better experience for our members,” said John Tippetts, director of application development and IT infrastructure at SelectHealth.

And when that experience is healthcare, there’s truly nothing more valuable.

Read the SelectHealth case study to get an in-depth look at how the company harnessed the Delphix platform to capitalize on its wealth of data and better serve customers with a more seamless online insurance experience.