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Automate Data for DevOps to Drive Healthcare Modernization

By Sharon Bell posted 06-07-2022 09:00:50 AM

Healthcare companies are embracing DevOps automation
Automate Data for DevOps to Drive Healthcare Modernization
for faster digital transformation, but slow, manual data delivery constrains success

This article was originally published on the Delphix website here September 7, 2021.

With rising competition and increasing member/patient demand for digital services, health insurers and providers have adopted DevOps processes to accelerate software modernization, AI/ML, and cloud migration. But, the data needed for DevOps is often hard to deliver and access.

Due to the sheer size and complexity of data in healthcare systems—including claims processing, member management, billing, policy environments, and the ecosystem of applications that connect them—software teams are constrained by the availability of data to support digital transformation projects. 

For many organizations, it takes days or even weeks for a developer or tester to access the appropriate data. The need to secure patient health information (PHI) to meet HIPAA requirements further contributes to the data delivery bottleneck.

Slow data delivery impacts upgrades and maintenance of core systems as well as the pace of new digital initiatives. Delays in projects for customizing and evolving core healthcare insurance software block everything from expanding to new markets, integrating mergers and acquisitions, to improving the customer experience. This impedes the ability of healthcare insurers to adapt to changing patient/member needs and expectations, making it difficult to compete—or partner—with cloud-born disruptors. 

Automating Data for DevOps Unblocks Healthcare Modernization

Health providers and payers are realizing they need a DevOps data platform to accelerate digital transformation and software modernization. A DevOps data platform enables healthcare modernization by automating access and delivery of lightweight, HIPAA compliant data for DevOps initiatives including digital transformation, software upgrades, cloud migration, AI/ML, and analytics. As part of a DevOps data platform, integrated data masking de-identities PHI in these non-production environments and eliminates the risk of sensitive data exposure. 

For example, SelectHealth adopted a DevOps data platform and reduced the time to get compliant data from days to minutes, resulting in accelerated new application development and faster TriZetto® FACETS® upgrades, customizations, and integrations. With data for DevOps, SelectHealth was able to improve the digital experiences of their one million members.  

By automating data provisioning and providing API access for data refreshes, compliant data is available in minutes instead of days or weeks, thus: 

  • Eliminating wait times for developers and testers 
  • Automating data delivery via APIs within CI/CD workflows 
  • Shifting testing to the left to improve quality and release frequency 
  • Ensuring HIPAA compliance with masking of PII and PHI 
delphix for healthcare trizetto blog image
Sample healthcare DevOps projects and data sources

Digital healthcare innovations are evolving at a rapid pace. Considering that global healthcare spending is expected to reach $10 trillion by 2022, it’s not surprising that so many companies are entering the market and introducing disruptive digital solutions. Digital initiatives need automated DevOps processes, which in turn need automated, compliant data. The healthcare leaders of tomorrow will be the ones embracing automated data for DevOps processes today. 

Learn more about Delphix for Healthcare solutions or hear from our customers about how Delphix has transformed data delivery and compliance for their businesses.