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Can we execute FNDCPASS as a post ‘HOOK’ to change EBS APPS password ?

By Ron Ekins posted 12-11-2014 11:31:48 AM

Can we execute FNDCPASS as a post ‘HOOK’ to change APPS password.

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12-11-2014 11:32:48 AM

The APPS password stored with the virtualized EBS instance is used both when performing post-clone configuration and start/stop. This means that for the duration of provision or refresh from production, this password must be the production APPS password.

You can use FNDCPASS to change the virtualized EBS instance password after post-clone configuration (as a Configure Clone Hook operation). Note that you will need to update the APPS password on the back of the dbTechStack and appsTier vFiles card afterwards since the production password is no longer in use.

Another note, if you want to refresh the dbTechStack or appsTier, you’ll need to:

  • Shutdown the virtual EBS instance (which requires the non-prod password)

  • Change the password stored with the dbTechStack and appsTier to the production password

  • Perform the refresh

  • Change the password back to the desired non-production password

(We realize this process is more manual than it needs to be, and it is on our radar to craft a cleaner solution.)