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Continuous Data post-refresh hook to execute a Hyperscale masking job

  • 1.  Continuous Data post-refresh hook to execute a Hyperscale masking job

    Posted 08-10-2023 02:25:00 PM
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    The attached script might be helpful for customers with Hyperscale deployment. 
    • The script will execute on the Oracle host, which you are refreshing a vDB.
    • The script will execute as part of a post-refresh hook on the Continuous Data engine. 
    • On the Oracle host, you need curl and jquery libraries. Curl is for the HTTPS call. The script uses jquery to parse the JSON payload from the response.
    • Remember that you need to update the following input parameters in the script to fit your setup:
      • HS_STATUS_CHECK_INTERVAL: In minutes. How often will the script check the status of the Hyperscale job? Currently set to 1 minute. Considering the length of your masking job, I recommend a minimum of 5 minutes.
      • HS_MAX_RUNTIME: In hours. When the script exits and no longer checks the job status. Currently set at 24 hours. 
      • URLBASE: Hyperscale engine URL: "https://<Hyperscale-engine-IP-Address>/api". Feel free to use the domain name of the engine. Please keep it https. 
      • HS_JOB_ID: The hyperscale job id for the vDB you want to mask. 
      • HS_API_KEY: The API key you generated from the Hyperscale engine. The key is persisted in the Hyperscale orchestrator and will be the same after an upgrade. You don't need to put 'apk' in front of it.
      • CURL= The path to CURL on your target Oracle host. 
      • JQ= The path to Jquery on your target Oracle host.
      • LOGFILE= Where the script writes its log file on the target Oracle host.
    Note the script is not supported as part of your Delphix support.

    Thomas Syth