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Legacy Custom Algorithm (Mapplet) End Of Life

By Sonali Sharma posted 06-30-2021 08:50:56 AM



Legacy Custom Algorithms (formerly known as Mapplets) will be EOL and removed from all Delphix Masking releases shipped after July 1st, 2022.

This guide explains how to check if you are using a Legacy Custom Algorithm, deprecated with the February, 2021 Deprecation/End-of-Life Notice - Legacy Masking Features/Version Support announcement, and how to convert them to an equivalent configuration using other supported options.

How to identify if you are affected

You can check if you have any legacy custom algorithms installed either through the GUI or API.

Using the GUI

  1. Login to the Masking Engine.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Custom Algorithms (Legacy).
  3. If the table contains one or more entries, you have a custom algorithm installed (see screenshot below).

Using the API

  1. Login to the API.
  2. Call the GET /Algorithms endpoint.
  3. Any results that have an algorithmType value of CUSTOM are Custom Algorithms. For example, here is the JSON API output for such an algorithm:



          "algorithmName": "My Custom Algorithm",

          "algorithmType": "CUSTOM_ALGORITHM",

          "createdBy": "admin",

          "description": "",

          "algorithmExtension": {

            "mappletInput": "inputValue",

            "mappletOutput": "outputValue",

            "fileName": "my-custom-algorithm.xml",

            "fileDownloadId": "CUSTOM_ALGORITHM-TXkgQ3VzStYWxnb3JpdGhtLnhtbA=="




Alternate Functionality

Delphix is deprecating this functionality due to the introduction of a modern, Java-based extensible algorithm approach in the release. Delphix has since introduced versions of built-in algorithms which obviate the need for a majority of legacy custom algorithms. Delphix will continue to augment and refine built-in algorithms in future releases, further reducing the need for these legacy custom algorithms.

The following resources provide helpful information on the new extensible algorithms:

  • Extensible Algorithms in the Masking documentation.
  • The Extensible Masking Algorithms community. 
  • Further custom algorithm queries are handled through your Customer Success representative. Please reach out to them so that they may direct you to the appropriate resources or services.