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addlistener (Problem with listener creation)

  • 1.  addlistener (Problem with listener creation)

    Posted 02-22-2021 04:01:00 PM
    Edited by Himanshu Sangwan 02-22-2021 04:02:42 PM


    I was trying to run below query to add listener but it failed and not giving us the reason for failure


    ./dx_ctl_env -d delphixeng56  -name ansdld016723132n1 -action addlistener -listenername ABC -endpoint -username DELPHIX_ADMIN -authtype password -password KSKSK



    Adding listener to environment ansdld0167762n1

    Problem with listener creation HASH(0x67ba2f0)

  • 2.  RE: addlistener (Problem with listener creation)

    Posted 02-22-2021 04:34:00 PM
    Hi Himanshu,
    I have reached out internally and you should be hearing back from the team soon.

    If this is solved outside community, I hope you will share your solution back here, if possible.

    Thank you,

    Michael Torok
    Director of Knowledge and Community Management