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October 2023 Product Updates

  • 1.  October 2023 Product Updates

    Posted 10-31-2023 09:40:00 AM
    Edited by Michael Torok 10-31-2023 09:39:42 AM

    Welcome to our October update! We're excited to share new offerings, features, and functional changes delivered this month. We're committed to continuously enhancing the Delphix platform to provide you with the best experience and meet your data management needs. This blog post highlights critical updates across product areas.

    Three Key Highlights

    • Masking algorithms can now be conditionally applied to better handle cases of mixed data or to adhere to application rules.
    • Data Control Tower can establish, monitor, and manage replication relationships across engines, including failover use cases.
    • To comply with security policies and minimize vulnerability risks, you can now easily re-deploy Delphix engine images while maintaining all configuration metadata.

    Continuous Compliance

    • New Multi-Column Conditional Algorithm Framework: We have added a new algorithm framework that enables conditional masking of a column. For example, this can be used to apply different Secure Lookups to a name column based on a language code. This will eliminate the need for scripting or custom frameworks that were previously required
    • Additional Classifiers and Algorithms: We added additional classifiers, domains, and algorithms to allow you to find and mask age and location data easily.
    • Updated User Experience: We continue overhauling the user interface to provide better utility, scalability, and stability. We’ve updated the inventory page for XML and mainframe file formats in this release.
    • FTPS Support for Mainframe Masking: FTPS authorization is now available for masking files on mainframes.
    • Improved support for Db2 iSeries: The Db2 iSeries database connector now supports automated management of indexes, constraints, and triggers impacted by masked columns. This eliminates custom pre- and post-scripting.
    • Improved support for Db2 z/OS: The Db2 z/OS database connector now supports automated management of constraints and triggers impacted by masked columns. This eliminates custom pre- and post-scripting. Note that due to the subtleties of the Db2 z/OS implementation, there is no support for automated management of indexes.
    • Password Vault for SAP ASE: Supported password vaults may now be used with SAP ASE (Sybase) databases.
    • Improved support for SQL Server: The SQL Server connector now supports leveraging Azure AD Service Principals.
    • Redeploy Support (Repave): Continuous Compliance engines may now be disconnected from their storage and redeployed, maintaining the previous configuration and data. Note that redeployment support only works with the same Delphix Engine version.

    Data Control Tower (DCT)

    • Hyperscale Compliance User Interface: DCT now provides an interactive UI that enables creating and editing Hyperscale instances and the ability to update/execute Hyperscale jobs.
      Hyperscale Compliance User Interface

      DCT Hyperscale Job details now include configurable settings such as inventory-specific configurations like stream size and unload split. Users can also trigger a job run via the actions menu.

    • Engine Replication Management: DCT has added the capability of mapping replication parent/child relationships within its data library, including failover scenarios where replicas become the primary. This enables accurate monitoring and administration of replication workstreams.
    • Operations Monitoring Action Bar: Continuously view all running operations relevant to a user group while performing other DCT UI activities using the new action bar.
      Operations Monitoring Action Bar
      The operations sidebar appears whenever an action is performed by a user.

    • Expanded dSource Linking: Create dSources via DCT for MS SQL Server Single and Clustered Instances and Oracle and SQL Server Staging Push instances.
    • Data Source Provisioning: Provision any supported data sources through the DCT UI or APIs.
    • Terraform Provider: A new Terraform resource to manage creating and deleting PostgreSQL dSources.
    • Jenkins Plugin: Support for CloudBees CI has been added.

    Hyperscale Compliance

    • Embedded XML/JSON: Applications increasingly store state as semi-structured data. To better cover these cases, masking XML and JSON content embedded in delimited files is now supported.
    • Hyperscale UI in DCT: Hyperscale Compliance users can now leverage the Hyperscale User Interface in DCT to manage hyperscale orchestrators, manage and execute hyperscale jobs, and monitor job progress.  

    Continuous Data

    • Redeploy Support (Repave): Continuous Data engines may now be disconnected from their storage and redeployed, maintaining the previous configuration and data. Redeployment support only works with the same Delphix Engine version. Currently, engine redeployment is not supported with Elastic Data engines.

    October Product Version Releases 

    This section includes all the software products shipped in October and their release dates. All of these are available now on the Delphix download site




    MySQL Connector


    October 3, 2023

    Jenkins Plugin


    October 17, 2023

    Continuous Compliance


    October 18, 2023

    Continuous Data


    October 18, 2023

    Terraform Provider


    October 19, 2023

    Data Control Tower


    October 23, 2023

    Hyperscale Compliance


    October 31, 2023

    Delimited Files Hyperscale Compliance Connector


    October 31, 2023

    Delphix Download Portal Reorganization: Note that we have reorganized our download portal by product, with folders for Continuous Data, Continuous Compliance, Data Control Tower and Hyperscale Compliance. In each folder you will find all content for each product–deployment images, upgrade images and additional plugins.
    At Delphix, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions to simplify your data management processes. The monthly updates represent our dedication to continuously improving our platform and providing the tools you need. We encourage you to explore these new features and utilize the latest software releases to unlock your test data management capabilities. Stay tuned for updates in the coming months!

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