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Announcing Delphix 6.0.5 & More!

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  • 1.  Announcing Delphix 6.0.5 & More!

    Posted 11-06-2020 05:30:00 PM
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    Announcing Delphix 6.0.5

    We are pleased to announce the release of Delphix version 6.0.5 and other significant updates made in October and November 2020.

    This release includes a new Character Mapping masking algorithm, improvements to the Windows Connector and an alternative ingestion model, starting with Db2 data. In addition, we made more enhancements to the data access model and added upgrade notifications in Data Control Tower (formerly branded “Central Management”).

    Significant capabilities introduced in 6.0.5 include:

    • Character Mapping Algorithm: Expand Masking Functionality and Improve Performance Mask data faster with the new Character Mapping algorithm and consume less memory than the old segment mapping algorithm. In addition, this algorithm does not have a length limitation for the input string and can handle non-ASCII characters.

    Data Control Tower (Formerly Central Management) Update

    • Attributes/Groups Support: Refine Data Management Access at ScaleDefine data access via Identity Provider attributes. Create these attributes directly in your identity provider (IdP) or by federating Active Directory or LDAP with your IdP.
    • Upgrade Notification: Inform You of Upgrade Availability We will now directly notify you in the Data Control Tower when new versions of appliance software are available. This represents a continued integration between our SaaS and appliance offerings that ensures you are aware of the latest offerings and paves the way for more direct communication.

    Technical Update

    • Expanded Replication: You may be using replication to facilitate moves of data across network boundaries, to the cloud and for DR purposes. In the 6.0.5 release, we now replicate users, roles, permissions, policies and configuration templates associated with the data.
    • Upgraded Windows Connector: The Windows Connector now supports newer versions of Microsoft’s .NET framework (4.x), which encompasses myriad higher security standards, new functionality, etc. Previously, the connector relied on .NET 3.5 due to two dependencies: SQL Server and Powershell, both of which have been removed with SQL Server 2016+ and Powershell updates in
    • Staging Push - Db2 Plugin: We now support an extensible model for ingesting Db2 data. In this new, additive model, we will support you manually performing a restore and roll forward of your staging database to Delphix from native backups or arbitrary third-party backup tools which integrate directly with Db2. This will allow you to bring data from whatever system or backup you have and restore it to an exact point in time, as needed.
    • Snapshot Metadata Visibility: On Delphix plugins we show when the data was ingested. This enhancement allows users to have visibility of the backup generation time in the UI, starting with Db2 plugins.
    • HANA Deferred Recovery Plugin Enhancements. We are providing multiple enhancements to the plugin that simplifies and improves performance and end user experience. Some notable improvements to highlight:
      • The overall logic of the plugin has been greatly simplified, which provides better overall performance. In our labs we have seen improvements up to 25%.
      • Provisioning of a VDB from a dSource snapshot no longer requires the target HANA instance to be stopped.
      • Administration and troubleshooting on the target has been simplified as each scale-up HANA VDB is now backed by a single NFS mount point, rather than multiple mount points per tenant database.
      • HANA Native Backups and Logs for a dSource snapshot can now reside on shared storage which allows the dSource snapshot process to bypass the step to ingest the Backups into Delphix for the associated dSource snapshot.
      • Support has been added for a customer-specified HANA administrator account (other than SYSTEM user) inside of a tenant database being virtualized.


    The following certifications were completed through November.

    • ESX 7.0
    • NFS v4 support on AIX 7.1+.
    • IBM Cloud Catalog. Delphix is now available in the IBM Cloud Catalog, a private marketplace for trusted IBM Technology partners that is offered to large IBM enterprise customers. In 6.0.5 we have started with a few certified instances for virtualization and masking and will grow our presence as more adoption justifies the cost and effort. Specifically, we support the following instances:
      • mx2-8x64
      • mx2-16x128
      • mx2-32x256
      • mx2-48x384
    • Oracle Cloud. The following are newly supported instance types:
      • VM.Standard2.8
      • VM.Standard2.16
      • VM.Standard2.24
    • Virtualization Certifications:
      • ASE 16.0 on RHEL8.1 and RHEL8.2 on 6.0.4+
      • ASE 16.0 on SLES12.4 on 6.0.4+
      • Oracle 18 on RH7.9 on 5.3.9 and 6.0.4+
      • Oracle 19.7 on RH7.9 on 6.0.4+
      • Oracle 19.7 (April 2020 PSU) on RH7.8 and RH8.0-8.2 on 5.3.9+ and 6.0.3+
    • Masking Certifications:
      • MySQL 8
      • PostgreSQL 12
      • Db2 LUW 11.5
      • Oracle Database Cloud Services on Virtual Machines
      • Oracle Database Cloud Services on Bare Metal


    The following list of OS and DB versions are now past their respective support windows. Delphix will deprecate these versions to stay in line with Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP lifecycle policies:

    • Windows 2008 R2: Microsoft End of Extended Support (EoES) January 4th, 2020
    • SQL Server 2008/2008 R2: Microsoft End of Extended Support (EoES) July 9th, 2019
    • Oracle 10: Oracle End of Extended Support (EoES) July 2013
    • SAP ASE 15.0.3: SAP End of Life (EoL) March 31st, 2015

    For more details and a complete list of features and fixes, please see the release notes. If you have questions about Delphix 6.0.5, please visit our community site and our support site.

    Delphix 6.0.5 is immediately available for new installs. The Cloud Marketplace images will follow the GA by up to 2 weeks. Please contact Delphix Support if you need help with upgrades.


    The Delphix Team

    Michael Torok
    Director of Knowledge and Community Management