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  • Our Virtualization Plugins SDK Is GA

    With the arrival of Delphix Dynamic Data Platform version 5.3.5 our customers & partners the ability to build their data source integrations with Delphix Virtualization SDK. This discussion area is going public!

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  • Get a technical deep dive on a development strategy using the Virtualization SDK that can help developers build powerful data management plugins for relational, NoSQL, PaaS, and containerized databases. This article was originally ...

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  • Hi Paul, You mentioned you've been using "global variables to track if [a VDB] was stopped or not". I just wanted to point out that using global variables is not a safe solution. The Python interpreter that we use to execute your Python code is ...

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  • Hi Paul, Thank you for all the detail. This was diagnosed as a bug in the Delphix engine. We have put this bug on our backlog and will address in a future Delphix release ( tentatively one of our 6.0.x releases this year). Let us know if you have ...

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  • I just walked through the code and it appears that the status operation should be called after refresh. One thing you could try is to log your plugin operations along with timestamps. This way, you would be able to see whether the virtual.status() operation ...

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  • Thanks for the insight as to when the status is checked. Curious then why the VDB status seems to be inconsistent? Some times it shows running as soon as the engine operation completes? Other times it takes a few minutes, as if it was only being ...

  • Hi Paul, We run the status operation after a stop, start, refresh, provision, delete, enable, and disable, and every 5 min for every dSource and VDB. There is no way to force a status update. We do not run the status operation after a snapshot ...

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