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  • Our Virtualization Plugins SDK Is GA

    With the arrival of Delphix Dynamic Data Platform version 5.3.5 our customers & partners the ability to build their data source integrations with Delphix Virtualization SDK. This discussion area is going public!

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  • Get a technical deep dive on a development strategy using the Virtualization SDK that can help developers build powerful data management plugins for relational, NoSQL, PaaS, and containerized databases. This article was originally ...

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  • Thank you Ankur for your valuable help. This helps me in my development. I will test it and will let you know if I encounter any issues. Thanks & Regards Ravi Nistala +919949999282 (m)

  • yes, whenever you call response = libs . run_bash ( direct_source . connection , script_content , variables ) ​ the script will get whatever the value of the "variables" array is at that point in time, the value will be dynamically resolved at ...

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  • Thank you Ankur. The example you provided below makes sense. Hope you will update the online example to reflect the same. So let us say my script ( ) looks like as below and is stored in a folder called 'resources' : source ...

  • The example above represents a way to pass in variables, we will fix the command to show how to access the variables. Here is another example, hope this helps: Assume the "" script is: echo "$MY_VARIABLE" > / var / tmp / my_file​ ...

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  • Thank you Ankur for your response. I am not able to understand the example provided at . They are misleading. If you see the example below. from dlpx.virtualization import libs ...

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