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    With the arrival of Delphix Dynamic Data Platform version 5.3.5 our customers & partners the ability to build their data source integrations with Delphix Virtualization SDK. This discussion area is going public!

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  • Hi Eugenio, What does your virtual.status method look like? The UI will show the VDB as "running" as long as the virtual.status script returns "Status.ACTIVE". If virtual.status returns "Status.INACTIVE", then the VDB will be marked as stopped. It doesn't ...

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  • Hello, when I create the virtual db it is running, but I can't stop, on delphix it cannot turn itself off it does not read Status.INACTIVE can you send me an example of def.virtual.stop and def.virtual.status to disable vdb? Thanks, Eugenio ------------------------------ ...

  • Hi Eugenio, Sorry for such a slow response. Are you still facing this issue? If so, it's not clear what the issue is. I would try to add some "echo" statements to the script and execute it then log stderr and stdout. You can do this in Python with: ...

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  • Hi Grant, the script is: #--- Start CICS

  • Hi Eugenio, Thanks for posting here. I'm happy to help. I'll need some more information though: What is this script doing on the remote host? If possible, could you post the part of the script that is failing? Could you post some of the code you're ...

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