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April 2024 Product Updates

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    Three Key Highlights

    • Data Control Tower has introduced the Data at Risk report that identifies unmasked and sensitive data across your data ecosystem.

    • YugabyteDB is now a supported data source for Continuous Data and Continuous Compliance.

    • The Continuous Compliance User Experience has been modernized, providing a more intuitive design and faster load times. 

    Data Control Tower (DCT)

    • Data at Risk Report: DCT now displays sensitive data risk for all database connectors across your Continuous Compliance engines. This report enables users to proactively manage data compliance by identifying where unmasked sensitive data may exist across all environments.

      Data at Risk Report


    • Block Storage Report: Administrators can quickly measure and manage storage across all Continuous Data engines using a new storage trend report.  This report also includes a three and six-month projection to assist administrators with capacity forecasting. 

      Block Storage Report


    • Storage Savings Report: The ROI of virtualization can now be quickly measured using a granular storage savings report.

      Storage Savings Report


    • Auto Tagging: DCT can now propagate engine-based groupings as tags in DCT, including dataset groups, environments, and applications. This feature can be enabled at engine connect and will stay in sync with an engine until turned off. 

    • Replication Profile Management: Users can now centrally create, update, and delete replication profiles via DCT APIs. Additionally, DCT can now create replication profiles from the DCT UI; this wizard can be found on the Replication Profiles List page. Additional replication UI functionality will be added in subsequent releases.

    • Oracle Container Databases: Oracle container infrastructure (CDB and vCDB) can now be centrally administered via the DCT API and UI, including the ability to enable and disable it.

    • Simplified Bookmark Sharing:  Bookmarks can be shared with other users by easily toggling the “Bookmark Visibility” value. This simplification now closely aligns with the experience of Self-Service. 

    • Timeline Display: To accommodate customer feedback, additional details have been introduced on the Timeline History tab to help users find where their data is coming from.

      Timeline Display (Timeline History)


    • Terraform Provider: Changed the default value of `wait_time` to 0 and removed the `storage_size` variable to improve upgrades. 

    Continuous Compliance

    • Modernized User Experience: The user experience has been dramatically improved across all remaining admin sub-pages, including Users, Logs, About, and Email Notifications. A new sub-page for Application Settings has been introduced, enabling users to conveniently adjust application behavior via the UI. The Environments landing page has been upgraded, and the async task is now accessible as a separate page under Monitor. Moreover, the entire UX has transitioned into a single-page application, dramatically enhancing UI performance and user experience. This transition results in smoother interactions and faster load times, among other improvements.

    • SAP Accelerator: Introduced a new method to manage secure password properties.

    • YugabyteDB: YugabyteDB is now a supported Continuous Compliance data source.

    • Discovery of Fixed-Width Files: Automated Sensitive Data Discovery (ASDD) was introduced last year, introducing a complete set of sensitive data identification techniques to databases, JSON, delimited, and XML files. Fixed-width files are now also supported.

    • ASDD Improvements:  Users can reduce false positives by fine-tuning the ASDD profile sets with a single assignment threshold.  

    • GCP Secrets Manager Support for Postgres: We have added support for using GCP Secrets Manager with Continuous Compliance connectors to Postgres databases.

    Hyperscale Compliance

    • AWS S3:  We now support AWS S3 as a source and target location for the Delimited connector, in addition to the existing support for mounted filesystems (FS).

    • Support Bundle APIs:  Technical support bundles can now be efficiently generated asynchronously through APIs for Oracle and MSSQL connectors. For more information, refer to How to generate a support bundle

    • Import Masking Jobs: The job sync function has been improved to import jobs with rulesets containing structured data applied to data columns. A structuredDataFormats connector and a dataset are ready for immediate use upon import.  

    • OpenShift Support: Hyperscale Compliance can now be installed and hosted on an OpenShift cluster for Oracle, MSSQL, Parquet, and Delimited Connector data sources. In addition, multiple customization options have been added to leverage persistent volumes. 

    Continuous Data

    • Windows AD Logging: Our SQL Server install base is growing fast, and our largest customers are experiencing excessive Active Directory login entries for their domain controllers. We have made improvements to provide the right amount of information without overflowing the logs.

    • Fluentd API Activity Log:  We now ship Nginx access logs to the Fluentd service to provide an audit trail of off-engine API activity. This visibility improves the ability to detect vulnerability exploit attempts.

    • YugabyteDB: The YugabyteDB database is now a supported Continuous Data source.

    • MySQL: Certified AWS RDS and RDS Aurora using the Staging Push ingestion mechanism and streamlined the Staging Push configuration for all sources.

    • Cassandra: Added further redaction of values to the support bundle and resolved a malformed IPv6 address issue.

    • Oracle EBS: Please refer to the Oracle EBS’ fixed issues for more details about this release.

    • PostgreSQL: Resolved an issue where some expected tables were missing after a single database refresh or restore, which broke a previously working ingestion. 

    • Documentation Updates: We have continued to make broad improvements across multiple areas of our documentation, including Oracle EBS.

    Compliance Services for Salesforce

    • Dynamic Batching: Provides a Salesforce masking configuration that builds masked batches dynamically and sends them to Salesforce only after the batch capacity has been filled up. This method minimizes API consumption.

    April Product Version Releases 

    This section includes all the software products shipped in April and their release dates. All of these are available now on the Delphix download site:





    Terraform Provider

    3.2.1 / 3.2.2

    March 28, 2024

    YugabyteDB Connector


    March 29, 2024

    Jenkins Plugin


    April 4, 2024

    SAP Accelerator


    April 10, 2024

    Hyperscale Compliance


    April 2, 2024

    Continuous Data


    April 17, 2024

    Continuous Compliance


    April 17, 2024

    Data Control Tower


    April 17, 2024

    Oracle EBS Connector


    April 17, 2024

    PostgreSQL Connector


    April 17, 2024

    MySQL Connector


    April 23, 2024

    Cassandra Connector


    April 23, 2024

    YugabyteDB Connector


    April 26, 2024

    At Delphix, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions to simplify your data management processes. The monthly updates represent our dedication to continuously improving our platform and providing the tools you need. We encourage you to explore these new features and utilize the latest software releases to unlock your test data management capabilities. Stay tuned for updates in the coming months!

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