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March 2024 Product Updates

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  • 1.  March 2024 Product Updates

    Posted 03-29-2024 07:52:00 AM
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    This update covers new offerings, features, and functionality changes delivered in March. 

    Three Key Highlights

    • Automated Sensitive Data Discovery now works with XML files.

    • The Data Control Tower developer experience has been enhanced to include advanced self-service scenarios.

    • Data Control Tower now shows if algorithms are configured differently across your applications and how they differ. 

    Data Control Tower (DCT)

    • Enhanced Bookmarks Organization/Search: The bookmark user experience has been updated, including search on VDB and dSource details pages. VDB visibility on the central bookmark, the VDB’s bookmark, and VDB wizard pages has been improved. Bookmarks are also supported via DCT-orchestrated replication.

      Enhanced Bookmarks Organization/Search
    • Timeline History UX Updates: DCT has consolidated the active timeflow and timeflow history tabs into a single timeline tab. The new page is similar to the former timeflow history but now with a search bar and sorting capabilities. You can now sort upon timeline activation [default], timeline creation, parent timeline location, and origin timeline location. This enables better identification and filtering of your data sets’ varying timelines.

      Timeline History UX Updates
    • Global Compliance Object Sync Report: The compliance Global Object is the aggregate representation of all multiuse objects (algorithm, domains, rule sets, etc) on a compliance engine. These objects, among others, are versioned by the compliance engine to clarify if there have been settings or behavioral changes. DCT now surfaces those versioning details to better illustrate if and where there are object differences. This could, for example, reveal whether or not two engines will mask with identical outputs. 

      Global Compliance Object Sync Report

    • Oracle CDB Inventory Report: DCT now features an Oracle Container Database (CDB) report that lists virtual and physical resources across all connected engines and associated pluggable database (PDB) relationships.

      Oracle CDB Inventory Report
    • MongoDB and Delimited File Support via the DCT UI: DCT now supports executing and modifying existing MongoDB and Delimited File Hyperscale Compliance jobs. 

    • Kubernetes Driver: We have added support for taking a VDB volume snapshot and provisioning a VDB from a snapshot. In addition, we resolved various bug fixes that were impacting general dataset creation and deletion.

    • Terraform Provider: The Terraform Provider now has a new “Database” resource that allows users to create and delete PostgreSQL environment source configurations.

    Continuous Compliance

    • Automated Sensitive Data Discovery for XML Files: Automated Sensitive Data Discovery was introduced last year, bringing a complete set of sensitive data identification techniques to structured data and semi-structured files. Previously, ASDD worked with databases, JSON, and delimited files. It now supports XML files as well. 

    • New ASDD Default: New Profiling jobs for connectors that support ASDD will now default to the standard ASDD classifier set. 

    • AWS S3 Connector UI: The new AWS S3 connector is now available in the user interface and API. This connector lets you connect to S3 buckets and mask supported file types.

    • User Experience: The Environments Jobs and Connectors pages have been updated, dramatically improving UI performance. Further, there are now ease-of-use wizards for both connectors and jobs and new grid views.

    Hyperscale Compliance

    • NFS Support for Parquet: The Parquet connector now supports using local storage as both a source and target for Parquet files.

    • Sharding support for MongoDB: The MongoDB connector now supports sharded MongoDB databases.

    Continuous Data

    • Oracle: RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 9.0 and 9.3 are now supported with Oracle 19c.

    • IBM Db2: The IBM DB2 connector now supports IBM AIX 7.2 and RHEL 9.2.

    • MySQL: The user interface has been improved during the linking of a MySQL dSource in the wizard. Users will notice that only properties applicable to the chosen linking method are shown.

    • Documentation Updates: We have continued to make broad improvements across multiple areas of our documentation, including CockroachDB and MySQL.

    Compliance Services for Salesforce

    • API Token Management: DCS for Salesforce now supports API token management. Users can now create personal API tokens to authenticate with DCS for Salesforce API endpoints.

    • Support for Character Replacement Algorithm Framework: This framework allows for the creation of rules to replace specific characters in a string with other characters. For example, you can use this framework to remove inconsistent punctuation in data to maintain referential integrity across data sources. Compliance services now support this framework in the import algorithm workflow. 

    Compliance Services for Azure

    • Additional Templates: We've added templates for Azure Data Lake, CSV, and JSON and are continuing to release fast-start templates for the most requested data sources.

    • Microsoft Fabric Beta: In conjunction with our feature at the Microsoft Fabric Community Conference, we have a beta offering (demoed at the conference) that allows you to find and mask data in the newest version of Microsoft Fabric dataflows.

    March Product Version Releases 

    This section includes all the software products shipped in March and their release dates. All of these are available now on the Delphix download site:





    Hyperscale Compliance


    March 5, 2024

    Kubernetes (K8s) Driver


    March 15, 2024

    MySQL/Linux Connector


    March 20, 2024

    IBM Db2 Connector


    March 20, 2024

    Continuous Data


    March 20, 2024

    Continuous Compliance


    March 20, 2024

    Data Control Tower


    March 20, 2024

    Terraform Provider


    March 22, 2024

    End of Life and Deprecations

    Delphix Self-Service: Delphix Self-Service (Jet Stream) is now a deprecated interface and feature of Continuous Data. The March 2024 release of Continuous Data starts an 18-month deprecation period for all supported versions. All prior and current product versions will continue to be supported until September 30, 2025. For more information, please see our end-of-support notice in the Delphix Community.


    At Delphix, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions to simplify your data management processes. The monthly updates represent our dedication to continuously improving our platform and providing the tools you need. We encourage you to explore these new features and utilize the latest software releases to unlock your test data management capabilities. Stay tuned for updates in the coming months!

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