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  • 1.  Delphix + Hadoop

    Posted 06-28-2023 06:51:00 AM

    Hi Team

    I would like to know does delphix support Hadoop SQL based databases? if not is there any other option to use Hadoop SQL based databases? is this in Delphix  road map in future?

    Karteek Muthyala
    Information Security Engineer
    Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

  • 2.  RE: Delphix + Hadoop

    Posted 06-28-2023 11:17:00 AM
    Edited by Michael Torok 06-28-2023 04:11:36 PM

    Hi Karteek,

    I believe @Mouhssine Saidi 's response here is probably the best answer to how you would want to set this up in regards to Continuous Data (Virtualization). 

    Can you share a bit more about what you mean by Hadoop SQL? Since Hadoop tends to be a tech stack, it would be good to understand what you mean by this.

    In chatting with our product team, I can share that we do plan to support Hadoop with the Continuous Compliance engine in the future. Again, knowing what you would like to see supported would be great to hear. 

    Hope this helps,


    Michael Torok
    Digital Customer Experience, Senior Director