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DXTOOLKIT commands for vPDB operation

  • 1.  DXTOOLKIT commands for vPDB operation

    Posted 02-09-2023 03:54:00 AM

    Hello All, 

    We have upgraded engines to delphix 7 , we have dxtoolkit Release v2.4.15.1 version on target server.

    Currently we re planning to upgrade the dxtoolkit to latest version (dxtoolkit is present on NFS server).

    so, If we upgrade to latest version and if there would be issue can we revert back to old dxtoolkit version?

    We have ingested exacc databases in delphix 7 and created vPDBs

    Is there is any new commands for the delphix 7 for handeling vPDB like rewind, refresh , snapshot ?

    Kindly guide me at earliest 

    Thanks in advance 

    Delphix masking analyst