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  • 1.  New Delphix Documentation Site

    Posted 07-25-2023 02:43:00 AM

    Hello everyone,

    Is it just me or are there anyone out there who thinks that the new Delphix documantion pages lacking of "Previous page" and "Next page" links at the bottom of each page as in the previous documentation site, find unproductive?

    I wanted to ask to the community members with this post, and also share this as a feedback/enhancement request to add the buttons to the pages.

    You can see the example below.

    In the current documentation, the experience is that, if you would go down to the page reading and want to go to the next page it is required to scroll up, find the link on the navigation left, and click.

    From User Experience point of view it is unfortunately unproductive and distracting.

    Please share your experiences.


    Rahim Cetinel
    Lead DataOps Architect | Delphix Blackbelt

  • 2.  RE: New Delphix Documentation Site
    Best Answer

    Posted 07-26-2023 09:44:00 AM

    Thank you for your feedback!  This has been fixed in the documentation platform as of yesterday.

    Ann Togasaki
    program manager