Chay Thornhill

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I have  25+ years of experience working with data. My career started at IBM as a mainframe operator, and I worked for 11 years in various roles resolving DB2 or IMS related issues. I eventually got poached by the Mainframe DBA team, and then again by a very high focus CLS project (Distributed platform). I then moved to Lehman Brothers, I led their Oracle/DB2 team - very cutting edge in terms of technology. I managed various Database teams and a few years later, found myself managing the Data Services team at Fidelity, and researched an excellent software solution called ‘Delphix’! I wrote the business case, and implemented Delphix with great success. Today, seven years later I'm managing the SE team here in EMEA.  

Outside of work, I enjoys spending time with my family. Avidly support West Ham United, going on holidays and watching my favourite bands at gigs and festivals. I like nothing better than BBQing with my homemade burgers, spicy chicken, or slow cooked roasts.