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Tip of the Day: Adding a Replication Spec Using the CLI

1. ssh into the delphix engine using delphix admin credentials 2. delphix > cd replication/spec 3. delphix replication spec > ls 4. delphix replication spec > create 5. delphix replication spec create * > ls 6. delphix replication spec *> set 7...

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Tip of the Day: Using the CLI to List Data Source Sizes

1. ssh user@"yourdelphixengine" 2. delphix> ls 3. delphix > source 4. delphix source > ls NAME CONTAINER VIRTUAL CONFIG example example false example vexample vexample true vexample 5.delphix source> list display=name,virtual,runtime.databaseSize NAME ...

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Tip of the Day: Creating TimeFlow Bookmarks in the CLI

You can create TimeFlow bookmarks to give a semantically meaningful name to a TimeFlow point (scn, location or timestamp within a TimeFlow). Follow these steps to create a new TimeFlow Bookmark: delphix > timeflow bookmark create delphix > timeflow bookmark create delphix timeflow...

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Tip of the Day: Checking Job Status using the CLI

For the CLI: 1. ssh into using Delphix Admin credentials 2. delphix > ls 3. delphix job > ls This will show all of the jobs, their status and timestamp, for more information on a specific job: delphix job > select "jobx" some other useful things in Job Status is the ability to update,...