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The State of Security at Delphix

Our security strategy incorporates industry best practices of identification, authentication, authorization, and auditing for each control we build into our platform. We cover our recent security enhancements and unpack how they align with evolving enterprise InfoSec standards and...

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Delivering New Capability, Agility, and Security - GOSI - Datablazers

Did you miss our Datablazers Forum? Learn from Abdullah Alsuwailem (Senior DBA) how the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) are delivering new capabilities with agility and security, while cutting storage and reducing data wait times to minutes. #video #GOSI #usecase #agile...

Delivering New Capability Agility Security - GOSI.mp4

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DataOps 2020: 5 Best Practices for Test Data Management in Multi-Cloud AppDev

DataOps has modernized test data management, eliminating wait times that limit release velocity. Explore 5 ways to increase efficiency of CI/CD workflows within and across clouds to build better software faster. This article was originally published on the Delphix website here...

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Tip of the Day: Changing the Application Log File Location in Agile Masking

Application log files and masking log files and reports are copied to a location determined by a path in a properties file. Over time, these locations might become full so, at some point, you might want to change the default locations. Open the /conf/ file. Modify the log4j...

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Tip of the Day: Using On-The-Fly Masking

With Delphix Agile Masking there are different options on how to mask data, one is On-the-fly masking; with on-the-fly masking, you specify the source of the information to be masked, and where the masked data will be loaded. On-the-fly masking is an Extract Transform Load (ETL) process. Delphix...