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Tip of the Day: Tuning Kernel NFS Client for Solaris

Note: When exclusively using Oracle's Direct NFS Feature (dNFS), it is unnecessary to tune the native NFS client. However, tuning network parameters is still relevant and may improve performance. On systems using Oracle Solaris Zones, the kernel NFS client can only be tuned from the global zone....

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Tip of the Day: Adding a Replication Spec Using the CLI

1. ssh into the delphix engine using delphix admin credentials 2. delphix > cd replication/spec 3. delphix replication spec > ls 4. delphix replication spec > create 5. delphix replication spec create * > ls 6. delphix replication spec *> set 7...

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Tip of the Day: Creating Custom Policies

Create custom policies based on cron expressions for specific database objects or groups. Log into the Delphix Admin application as a user with Delphix Admin privileges. Select Manage > Policies . Select the policy for the object or group your want to modify. Click Apply New Policy ....

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Tip of the Day: Enabling Oracle Validated Sync

1. ssh into your delphix engine using delphix admin 2. delphix > ls 3. delphix > database 4. delphix database > ls 5. delphix database > select "yourdatabase" 6. delphix database "yourdatabase" > update 7. delphix database "yourdatabase" update *> set...

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Tip of the Day: Using the CLI to Migrate an Oracle VDB

VDBs can be moved (or migrated) between hosts by changing the source repository associated with the VDB source config. This operation is currently only available via the CLI. 1. Select the source associated with the VDB. By default, sources are named the same as the VDB. delphix > ls ...