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Fixed-Width File Masking

The objectives of this run-through are to allow you to try: Fixed-width file masking : the width or length of column(s) or field(s) in the files to be masked are defined. On-the-fly masking: On-The-Fly (OTF) masking work with a source environment/connector and a target environment...

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Upgrading Your Database and Changing Database Architecture

The entries contained here provide information for upgrading MS SQL Server and Oracle databases, so that you are able to test with upgraded database instances before rolling them out. You will also find information on changing to Oracle's Multi-Tenant architecture. The following...

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GenRocket and Delphix Solutions Demo

Join Andy Pan (Sr. Product Marketing Manager) and Sri Kanur (Senior Solutions Engineer) who demonstrate how to ensure quality in your application development using synthetic data or subset data with the Delphix platform and GenRocket. #Virtualization #Masking #Self-Service #versioning ...

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Central Management Onboarding

This short video walks through the Central Management onboarding process in which you will create a secure tenant for your organization, integrate your identity provider, and connect your Delphix Engines. Central Management allows you to centralize your authentication management, provides...

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Virtualizing Data Demo (2020)

Virtualize your data to eliminate data wait times and shift testing to the left in the SDLC. And, created personal data environments for developers, testers, and analysts with production-like data. Sync continuously with production data and deliver complete data environments in minutes instead...

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Versioning Data Demo (2020)

Versioning allows you to have multiple data versions for destructive testing, A/B testing, parallel app dev, and sharing data with different users. You can version data down to the second or transaction. Branch, bookmark, rewind, and refresh your data like code. #video #versioning #code ...

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Automation Demo (2020)

How to add Delphix to you SDLC pipeline. You can integrate with Jenkins or any other CICD tool to automate your entire development workflow. #toolchain #pipeline #CI/CD #SDLC #Virtualization #video

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Replication Demo (2020)

Replicate and move data to the cloud, and manage and secure your data in the cloud. Realize scalability and flexibility while remaining secure. #replication #video #Virtualization #cloud

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Time Travel with Delphix Self-Service (2020)

Recovery to any time, allowing you to accelerate the troubleshooting of production issues, protect against accidental deletion or corruption, and recover from malware/ransomware or malicious intent. #Self-Service #timeflow #video

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