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Protecting Data in Salesforce Sandboxes

Tess Maggio, Product Manager for the Delphix Salesforce Compliance solution, offers an overview and walkthrough of the functionality, the importance of referential integrity, and then gives a demo, so you can see it in action. #Masking #salesforce #sfdc #r vid #video


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Accelerate dev/test cycles through rapidly sharing data to drive better collaboration

This video explores how the D Ξ L P H I X Self-Service capability can assist dev/test teams to accelerate testing cycles through rapidly sharing data to drive better collaboration, highlighting the simplicity of the self-service interface. Self-service controls such as bookmark, share and...

2021-04 Self Service Data Share 3+min Video.mp4

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Data Control Tower (DCT) Inventory APIs

Data Control Tower Engine and Data Inventory APIs are LIVE. With these endpoints, customers can programmatically identify what data lives where, which can be added to programmatically identify and target what engine to communicate with (as opposed to doing this manually). In addition,...

Inventory API Demo - June

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Introducing Global Users and Groups for Data Control Tower

Join Ross Millenacker, Senior Product Manager, while he introduces Global Users and Groups for Data Control Tower - DCT, previously known as the Central Management Console. This functionality greatly simplifies the user management and data entitlement access experience, while aligning a broad...

2021 U&G

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Delphix Programmable Data Infrastructure Overview

Join Delphix Solution Architect @Jonathan Wilcox as he provides a brief introduction to the Delphix Platform and how it fits into and supports your digital transformation. ​ #video #overview #infrastructure #platform #r vid

Delphix Brief Overview.mp4

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Installing the Delphix Dashboards App for Splunk

The PDF and Video contained herein are companion pieces for the blog Installing the Delphix Dashboards App for Splunk . #video #Splunk #dashboards #r vid #monitor

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Delphix Integration with AppDynamics

Diego Loureda introduces how a union of the Delphix Programmable Data Infrastructure with your existing AppDynamics implementation can get you to root cause analysis (RCA) faster than ever before. You will be able to create exact clones of environments which mirror the point in time you need for...


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Recover from a Mistakenly Dropped Table with Delphix Programmable Data Infrastructure

Scott Butler, Solutions Engineer, provides a concise view on how to recover from a mistakenly dropped table or logical corruption using the Delphix Programmable Data Infrastructure. A mistake which could cause a massive outage and downtime can be corrected in seconds to minutes instead of days...

2021-02 Scott ProdOps 8min Video.mp4

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Ingesting RMAN Backups from Amazon RDS into the Delphix Engine

Join Diego Loureda as he walks you through ingesting RMAN backups from RDS into the Delphix Engine, allowing access to quality data from RDS backups at the rate you need and, ultimately, with the information you need for automating the process. #rds #video #rman #amazon #r vid ...

AWS RDS Demo.mp4