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Replying to a Discussion

By Michael Torok posted 05-20-2019 02:44:03 PM


When you want to respond and add your voice to a current discussion, complete the following procedure.

To reply to a discussion:

  1. Log in to the community, and then select All Communities from the Communities menu.
  2. Click the community which contains the post to which you want to reply.
    Test Community in All Communities
  3. Select the discussion on the Discussions tab in the Thread Subject column.
  4. Click either Reply Inline or Reply to Discussion.
    Reply TypesReplying inline follows the indentation and lists each reply to a reply as a further indented part of the discussion. When you reply to the original discussion, the indention is equal to the initial reply and is not indented further.
    The following image shows a reply inline thread with the last comment as a reply to discussion. Note how the 4th reply is at the same indentation as the 2nd The 4th reply is a Reply to Discussion (the start of the thread is marked with a 1 next to the title “test”).
    Reply Inline vs Reply to Discussion
    Note: If you select to Reply to Sender, only the author of the post will receive your reply. Your message is not shared in the discussion.