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Announcing Delphix 6.0

By Michael Torok posted 01-23-2020 03:00:00 PM


We are pleased to announce the release of Delphix version 6.0.

This latest release empowers your teams to manage Delphix in hybrid or multi-cloud deployments, with additional cloud support and several enhancements to user experience and performance. This release furthers our commitment to helping you accelerate innovation while ensuring data security.

Significant capabilities introduced in 6.0 are:

  • Google Cloud Support
    Starting with this release, you have the ability to deploy Delphix engines in Google Cloud. Delphix engines can be used with all currently supported masking and virtualization databases.
  • NFS & CIF File Masking Support
    Simplifies file masking with new networking connections in addition to FTP/SFTP
  • Enhanced Elastic Network Adapter (ENA) Support
    Supports the R4 instance types on AWS and the elastic network driver for better performance
  • Masking API Updates
    Provides the ability to specify a version of the API in your requests to access historical functionality
  • More robust hypervisor/cloud support
    This release lays the foundation for HyperV and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure support. If you’d like to use Delphix with these platforms, please reach out to your Delphix account manager to register your interest and learn how we are working with select customers using these technologies.

For more details and a complete list of features and fixes, please see the release notes. If you have questions about Delphix 6.0, please visit the Delphix Product Community.

Delphix 6.0 is immediately available for new engine installations. We will be reaching out to you in a future communication on availability for upgrades.

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