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Learn More About Updating Existing Masking Inventories to Leverage the New Delphix Algorithm Frameworks

By Robert Patten posted 12-20-2021 05:17:18 PM


Please take this opportunity to review and become familiar with the Delphix Masking Inventory Reassignment Guide found in the linked community libray. This guide will help you through the process of updating existing inventories to leverage the new Delphix algorithm frameworks using the API Client and/or DXM Toolkit.  The API Client includes a user interface, is delivered with Delphix Masking, and is recommended for most use cases discussed in the linked document.  The DXM Toolkit is an open source project created by Delphix Services which uses the API to ease repetitive activities. A download link for the DXM Toolkit is found in the appendix of the guide.  

Processes described in the document will facilitate transition from the legacy algorithm frameworks to the new frameworks which will be required prior to upgrading to masking engine versions following removal of the legacy frameworks, planned for July 2022.  Notification of deprecation of Legacy Custom Algorithms (aka mapplets) was published in January 2021 and is found here.  During this transition phase all out-of-the-box algorithms will also be transitioned to the extended algorithm frameworks (the Legacy Algorithm Framework Transition section of the document provides for more info).  The legacy custom algorithms (mapplets) will require inventory changes which is the focus of the document

Performance of the new algorithms is much improved over the legacy frameworks.  Performance improvements will vary based on algorithm type but all the new frameworks have shown significant performance improvements.  Cardinality in the output data for names is also greatly enhanced.  The legacy name mapplets and legacy sm_uni are not supported in the new framework but the legacy frameworks will be available until a yet to be determined release in the latter half of 2022 providing an 18 month period in which both frameworks are available in the masking engine. 

The SM Universal mapplet (known as sm_uni) has been replaced by the new Character Mapping (CM) algorithm.  There are three default instances of the CM algorithm: numeric, alpha-numeric and digits.  The vast majority of the SM_UNI mapplet distributions will be replaced with dlpx-core:CM Alpha-Numeric which will meet most use cases that SM_UNI was implemented for.   

Delphix has added new algorithm capability in most releases following the extended framework availability in V6.0.3.  The character mapping algorithms, new date algorithms, and new name algorithms were introduced in V6.0.5, V6.0.7, and V6.0.8 respectively.  The process described in this document will only be required for Delphix masking users that have implemented custom algorithms to meet use cases not met by OOB algorithms at deployment time.