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Legacy Script End-of-Life Notification: Continuous Data

By Yatin Nayak posted 10-30-2023 01:27:29 PM


The script procedure, documented here, provides the ability to move virtual Oracle non-multitenant databases to ASM. This procedure does not support Oracle multitenant databases.

The Oracle V2ASM CLI export features that shipped in Continuous Data and and later now cover the functionality of in its entirety and additionally support Oracle multitenant databases. The legacy script is now less feature-rich and unnecessary.

The following note was previously added to the Continuous Data deprecated features list at GA (March 2023):


Deprecated features

    • Oracle
      Oracle scripted procedure has been deprecated in favor of the new feature ”Export an Oracle virtual DB or virtual PDB to a physical Oracle ASM or Exadata database”. For more details on this new feature, refer to the Export an Oracle VDB or vPDB to a Physical ASM or Exadata Database section. The scripted procedure is still supported in, but is discouraged by Delphix and will be eventually removed in future versions of the Delphix Continuous Data Engine.

In addition, we have also added the following Deprecation Notice in

Frequently Asked Questions

When did Delphix deprecate the

The script was deprecated with Continuous Data engine version (GA: March 2023), therefore only critical bug-fixes will be provided by Delphix until Continuous Data engine version (with an expected GA of April 2024, though this could change).


When will the script reach end-of-life?

The script will reach end-of-life and will no longer be available in Continuous Data engine and later versions.


Can I continue to use the script?

You will be able to stay on Continuous Data version, if you need to use the deprecated script. But, you are strongly encouraged to use the more feature-rich and supported export CLI feature, documented in the following locations:

Export an Oracle VDB or a vPDB to a physical ASM or Exadata database

Export an Oracle non-multitenant or a PDB snapshot to a physical ASM or Exadata database