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  • 1.  Moving NAS used for Toolkit Path

    Posted 03-23-2021 12:31:00 PM
    Dynamic Data Platform

    We are using a NAS share for Toolkit Path which is mounted to our target Oracle servers.  Our storage team will be upgrading NFS to (NFSv4) and remounted the NAS shares to our servers.  My questions is, are the any implications for Delphix for this change?  Should we shut down DBs while this change is going on? Should we refresh the environments?

    David Linde
    GPS Non-Prod Environment Support

  • 2.  RE: Moving NAS used for Toolkit Path
    Best Answer

    Posted 03-28-2021 12:37:00 AM

    Hi David-

    The toolkit deployed for Environments is primarily leveraged during the course of a job... Sync, provision, refresh, VDB disable or enable, etc. As such, the Engine is not terribly sensitive to a period of time that the toolkit is not available unless a job is initiated or in progress at that time. 

    The Environment refresh is a great idea to ensure the toolkit can be refreshed as expected after the maintenance, and any warnings or issues detected can be addressed at that time. Maintaining correct permissions would be the only immediate concern offhand. 

    No other DB shutdown is expected or necessary as these would be leveraging NFS storage mounted from the Engine during usual runtime. 

    Of course, if any issues are encountered please feel free to engage us and we can review as needed. I hope this answers your question!

    Sean Nothdurft
    Senior Principal Technical Support Engineer