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Announcing DevOps Data Platform 8, Data Control Tower 5, & More!

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  • 1.  Announcing DevOps Data Platform 8, Data Control Tower 5, & More!

    Posted 02-13-2023 12:19:00 PM
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    Announcing Delphix 8 & More!

    We are excited to announce the general availability of DevOps Data Platform 8, Data Control Tower 5, and recently released Connector Plugins. Full details are available in the What's New Deck, release notes for Continuous Data, Continuous Compliance, Data Control Tower, Delphix Compliance Services, and the community post.

    Note: We have made changes to Continuous Data (Virtualization) and Continuous Compliance (Masking) releases for 2023. There is no change to the existing support window – releases are supported for 18 months from general availability, followed by extended support for an additional 18 months. Deprecation and product end-of-life policies will remain unchanged. This document provides our full product lifecycle policies

    • Engine releases after 6.0.17 increment as 7, 8, 9, and so on. This is to reflect that every release goes through the same quality testing and regression cycle.
    • Starting in February for DevOps Data Platform 8, we will begin monthly releases of Continuous Data and Continuous Compliance engines. 

    Data Control Tower (DCT)*

    Data Control Tower 5 introduces many new features to help global enterprises manage data compliance and DevOps TDM workflows. 

    Global Compliance Architecture

    Global Compliance Architecture

    You can now centrally orchestrate global compliance jobs across Continuous Compliance engines using three new masking APIs to move, copy, and execute global compliance jobs. These APIs enable organizations to implement a software development lifecycle process for building, testing, distributing, and iterating global compliance jobs before pushing to production. In addition, teams can horizontally scale and centrally orchestrate compliance jobs across a cluster of engines.  

    Using a single API call, DevOps automation teams are able to deploy packaged compliance jobs to run on remote engines anywhere in the enterprise–including the automatic synchronization of dependencies such as algorithms, job rules, credentials, and parent-child references.  In addition, monitoring and troubleshooting of global compliance jobs is simplified with unified grouped views that link job definitions with remote job runs.  

    The new global compliance architecture makes it significantly easier for enterprises to manage large, complex compliance workflows that are designed centrally and deployed globally across many instances in an enterprise environment. 

    Global Compliance Job Monitoring

    Global Compliance Job Monitoring

    We have updated the web user interface (UI) to show connected Continuous Compliance Engines and Compliance Job operations. The new UI enables you to view a global list of connected Engines and drill down to inspect compliance job queues, job statuses, and job-step progress.  The new comprehensive historical views enable teams to quickly benchmark runs and troubleshoot failed or stalled jobs, making it easier to fine tune compliance job definitions.  

    Global Consumption Metrics

    Global Consumption Metrics

    We have made it significantly easier to manage global DevOps Data Platform deployments with  new aggregated consumption metrics. IT Operations teams can quickly scan overviews, inspect trends, modify tag groupings, and drill down to detailed data source and engine information for troubleshooting.  

    Custom Scoped Role Based Access Controls (RBAC)

    Custom Scoped Role Based Access Controls (RBAC)

    We have consistently expanded our RBAC system to help organizations tighten security controls around their data using LDAP and Active Directory.  DCT 5 introduces a new UI for fine tuning access controls with Custom Scoped Roles. Scoped RBAC enables IT Operations teams to easily bound Access Groups with elevated or limited operators on specific resources such as Environments, VDBs, and Sources.   

    Continuous Data

    Oracle MultipleVPDBs in a VCDB

    Oracle Multiple VPDBs in a VCDB: We have added support for deploying multiple virtual pluggable databases (VPDB) within a virtual container database (VCDB). This helps teams bundle multiple VPDBs within a VCDB to maximize the value of their deployment configurations.

    SQL Server 2022 Certification: This release certifies compatibility of Microsoft SQL Server 2022 with Delphix Continuous Data. You can read our full data source certification policies and support matrix for more details. 

    CockroachDB Connector: Cockroach is a modern distributed database that supports the PostgreSQL wire protocol. The latest connector update adds support for ingesting CockroachDB backups from NFS storage to Delphix. 

    Connector Updates: This release updates our Db2 and MySQL connectors improving stability, security, and performance.  

    Delphix 8 is immediately available to download for new installs.  Images in Cloud Marketplaces and Data Control Tower may trail the release by up to two weeks. Please contact Delphix Support if you need assistance with upgrades.


    Delphix Team

    *  Data Control Tower and DevOps Integrations are independently shipped and generally available between engine releases

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