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July 2023 Change in Functionality

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  • 1.  July 2023 Change in Functionality

    Posted 07-31-2023 08:16:00 AM
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    We're excited to update you on new Delphix offerings, features, and functionality changes delivered in July. 

    Three Key Highlights

    • A new Jenkins plugin will allow you to automatically drive the use of test data as part of your CI/CD runs. 

    • A new command line toolkit will allow developers and testers to control their data from their local toolchain.

    • We’ve moved to a new documentation platform to serve you with our growing portfolio better. While the top-level links will remain the same, page-level links must be changed if you have stored links or bookmarks. A substantial set of updates is coming for the content, so stay tuned!

    Data Control Tower (DCT)

    • Jenkins: An official Jenkins plugin is now available for Data Control Tower, joining the existing ServiceNow and Terraform integrations. This plugin helps automate the use of data in your CI/CD pipelines and includes support for provisioning and destroying VDBs.

      Data Control Tower and Jenkins

    • DCT Toolkit: We’ve launched a new command line interface (CLI) offering, the DCT Toolkit. The DCT Toolkit allows for remote operation and control of Data Control Tower via your local terminal. Over time, this will replace the previously available DxToolkit.

    • Infrastructure Wizard: The create infrastructure flow now supports adding Windows standalone and cluster hosts, as well as Linux cluster hosts. This is expanded from the previous flow that supported standalone Linux hosts. This differs from the workflow on the Continuous Data engine in that it represents a single place to create environment host connections for all connected Delphix engines.

    • Provisioning Wizard: The data provisioning workflow now includes additional database types, including Oracle Single Instance Multi-tenant, Oracle Multiple Instance Single Tenant, and SQL Server Multiple Instance Single Tenant.

    Continuous Data

    • Recovery from failed VPDB in a Linked CDB: Various factors may cause an Oracle virtual pluggable database to fail in a linked container database. Recovering from a failed Pluggable Virtual Database with a forced refresh or rewind operation is now possible.

    • IBM Db2: Support for RHEL 8.8 has now been certified. Note that this release was originally published in June.

    • MongoDB: Additional parameters are now supported in the ‘mongodump’ and ‘mongorestore’ commands. Backups and restores can be customized flexibly to improve data extraction and ingestion speeds, such as parallel collections processing.

    • Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS): dSource configuration is now more straightforward with adding a new appsTier base directory path to identify installation directories automatically. A new Health Checker can be used to target a target environment’s configuration better.

    • PostgreSQL: Support has been added for PostgreSQL 15.0 on RHEL 9.0 and Azure Flexible Server for PostgreSQL 14.0. The source sizing calculation has also been updated to represent the correct database size accurately.

    • SQL Server: The following are now supported: SQL Server 2016 on Windows Server Core 2016, SQL Server 2019 on Windows Server Core 2019, and SQL Server 2022 on Windows Server Core 2022. In addition, we are adding support to all the SQL Server Developer editions for the versions in support.

    Continuous Compliance

    • Password Vault Support for Microsoft SQL Server: We continue to expand the use of credential management systems for secrets across the product line. You can now use supported credential management systems with SQL Server in Continuous Data.

    • SQL Server: SQL Server 2022 is now supported.

    • Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse: Azure SQL Data Warehouse is now supported.

    • Updated User Experience: The Roles page has been updated, and we now provide several convenient templates.

    Hyperscale Compliance

    • Load Cancellation for Oracle Databases: You can cancel an in-progress Oracle database load.

    • Load Cancellation for SQL Server Database: You can now cancel an in-progress SQL Server database load.

    • Support for Japanese Characters: Japanese characters are now supported in Oracle databases with the EUC_JP character set.

    • Simplification of batch job ingestion process: In this release, we greatly simplify the steps required to convert a conventional batch into a Hyperscale job.

    July Product Version Releases 

    This section includes all the software products shipped in July and their release dates. All of these are available now on the Delphix download site unless otherwise noted:




    Hyperscale Compliance


    July 4, 2023

    MongoDB Connector


    July 7, 2023

    PostgreSQL Connector


    July 18, 2023

    Continuous Data


    July 19, 2023

    Continuous Compliance


    July 19, 2023

    DCT Jenkins Plugin

    Available on the Jenkins Plugins Index


    July 20, 2023

    Hyperscale Compliance


    July 25, 2023

    Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) Connector


    July 25, 2023

    Data Control Tower


    July 31, 2023

    At Delphix, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions to simplify your data management processes. These July updates represent our dedication to continuously improving our platform and providing the tools you need. We encourage you to explore these new features and utilize the latest software releases to unlock your test data management capabilities. Stay tuned for updates in the coming months!

    Michael Torok
    Digital Customer Experience, Senior Director