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The Delphix Product community is here for you to ask your questions; tell us how you use the products; show us the latest virtualization, masking, or acceleration triumph; meet and discuss use cases with Delphix employees, prospects, and your peers.

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Does Landshark 2.0 come with Agile Masking?

#DemoEnvironment #landshark #agilemasking

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Tip of the Day: Importing a New File Format to Agile Masking

For a Format Type of Copybook or XML: Select a Connection Mode Fill out the required fields of the selected Connection Mode Click Browse Click the Select button to the right of the desired import file format Enter a Logical Name Click Submit Please note: The file must have NO header. Make...

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Tip of the Day: Adding New Expressions

In Agile Masking, expressions let you specify how you want to profile data by letting you determine the data to profile based on the criteria you enter in the expressions. For example, you can define an expression that looks for a name or partial name for a column and only profiles data in...

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Tip of the Day: Using On-The-Fly Masking

With Delphix Agile Masking there are different options on how to mask data, one is On-the-fly masking; with on-the-fly masking, you specify the source of the information to be masked, and where the masked data will be loaded. On-the-fly masking is an Extract Transform Load (ETL) process. Delphix...