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Announcing Delphix 6.0.9 & More!

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  • 1.  Announcing Delphix 6.0.9 & More!

    Posted 07-13-2021 01:26:00 PM
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    We are pleased to announce the release of Delphix version 6.0.9 and other significant updates made in June and July 2021.

    These updates expand deployment options for Data Control Tower, add new APIs for data inventory, and expand masking functionality.

    Significant Capabilities Introduced in 6.0.9 Include:

    • Data Control Tower – Multicloud: We launched a new offering, Data Control Tower – Multicloud. This is a new product that will bring an API control point to those of you who want to run your integrations either on-premises or in a cloud of your choice.


    • API Expansion: We added a new set of endpoints to list the virtualization data objects, sources, dSource and VDBs. These new API endpoints will enable you, as a Data Control Tower customer, to query dataset information without regard to individual engines, power reporting workflows and monitor dataset usage.

    Technical Update

    • Oracle EBS Oracle Multi-Tenant Support: We added support for Oracle 19c Multi-Tenant configurations for the 12.2 Oracle EBS plugin. Please note the 12.1 plugin will not support 19c MT.
    • Batch Masking: We added batch masking processing to the masking extensibility API. This allows an algorithm to receive multiple inputs, mask them, then provide the set of results back to the masking job. This feature enables an algorithm to implement logic that considers the values of multiple inputs at once.
    • New Shuffle Algorithm: We implemented a new version of the Secure Shuffle algorithm with the new batch masking feature. The Secure Shuffle algorithm takes existing values in your datasets and sorts them into a new order. This new algorithm provides greater, more robust performance and supports a much larger shuffle set.
    • Email Masking Algorithm: We introduced a new algorithm framework that allows you to mask email addresses to unique values as well as independently choose how the name and domain parts of an email address are masked.
    • Masking Extensibility SDK: We changed the name of the "Masking Algorithm SDK" to the "Masking Extensibility SDK" to reflect that we are introducing additional functions that can be extended via the SDK.
    • Masking Custom Tasks: In this release, we've made extended connectors more powerful by providing the ability to add custom tasks. These custom tasks include commonly-requested steps like disabling triggers or constraints which will be executed in a masking job before and after the transformation step.
    • TLS 1.3 Support: We added HTTPS support for Engine Admin Console Access.
    • Data Vault Additions: In the 6.0.8 release, we introduced our first Ransomware-specific functionality: locked replication specs. Now, we allow you to manage this from the UI and monitor additional processes.
    • Change in Phonehome Data Collection: For those of you with phonehome enabled, we shifted the default collection period to daily.
    • Password Vaults for Remote Hooks: Hooks running on environments can now obtain credentials from the engine and its configured password vaults to perform custom authentication tasks in a secure manner. This will initially be supported via the command line.
    • dxi docker image: We have released a dockerized version of dxi. Through a customizable dockerfile or a pre-built Docker image, you can now trigger dxi CLI operations with minimal set-up requirements.

    End-of-Life (EOL) Announcements

    • Delphix Reporting/Mission Control: As previously announced, Delphix Reporting reached EOL on July 1st, 2021. We recommend to those of you interested in continuing your reporting workflows to discuss Data Control Tower with your account teams.


    • ESXi 7.0 U2

    For more details and a complete list of features and fixes, please see the release notes. If you have questions about Delphix 6.0.9, please visit our community site and our support site.

    Delphix 6.0.9 is immediately available for new installs. The Cloud Marketplace images will follow the GA by up to 2 weeks. Please contact Delphix Support if you need help with upgrades.

    The Delphix Team

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