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Announcing Delphix 6.0.14 & More!

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  • 1.  Announcing Delphix 6.0.14 & More!

    Posted 05-20-2022 12:18:00 PM
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    Announcing Delphix 6.0.14 & More!

    We are excited to announce the general availability of Delphix 6.0.14 and other recently delivered features in April and May 2022. Full details are available in the
    community post, release notes for Continuous Data (virtualization) & Continuous Compliance (masking), and the What's New Deck for 6.0.14.

    Note: We have updated Delphix product names- virtualization will be referred to as "Continuous Data" and masking becomes "Continuous Compliance." Expect to see these changes reflected in product UI and supporting content.   

    Featured Releases

    Delphix Cloud Engines on AWS using S3 Object Storage

    This release introduces Amazon S3 object storage as an alternative to traditional block storage used by Delphix Continuous Data engines. Running Delphix Cloud Engines backed by AWS S3 enables your organization to take advantage of cost-effective elastically scalable storage. Only necessary data is cached to each engine from the object store to maintain similar VDB performance levels. The efficient scale-out architecture of object storage eliminates the cost of unused data footprints typically found when running Delphix in a block storage system. We calculate that your organization can realize a 40-80% savings over block storage depending on workload demands in development environments or when using Delphix for Ransomware Protection.

    Delphix Cloud Engines on AWS using S3 Object Storage

    Terraform Provider Beta for Delphix

    Terraform is a popular tool for DevOps teams and SREs to deploy infrastructure-as-code.  We now have a new integration as a Terraform Provider within the Terraform Registry.  The solution leverages Data Control Tower APIs to automate data infrastructure and data deployment enterprise wide so modern teams can ephemerally deploy data-as-code alongside their infrastructure.  With Delphix, developer, test, and quality assurance teams now benefit from improved speed, quality, efficiency, and collaboration.

    Terraform Provider Beta for Delphix

    Data Control Tower

    Our next generation container-based Data Control Tower (DCT) focuses on data automation APIs deployable within your private cloud.  DCT empowers organizations on their DevOps journey to better automate and deploy multi-generational data-as-code.  Teams can sync, deploy, and refresh ephemeral data into modern CI/CD pipelines across petabyte-scale data estates. 

    Cross-functional teams benefit from a centralized API point for enterprise-wide data management and collaboration that seamlessly integrates across private, public, and hybrid environments. Those looking to opt-in to our DCT 2.0 Beta can reach out to their Customer Success Manager for more details.  New DCT 2.0 Beta features include: 

    DevOps Data Automation APIs: As modern organizations move towards ephemeral infrastructure, the need for more advanced data automation becomes an imperative.  DCT 2.0 Beta has over 60 APIs with 19 new APIs being added for managing VDB Groups, VDB tagging, and environment management. 

    Infrastructure Automation APIs: We have added new APIs to simplify deployment of all Delphix platform components, including infrastructure hosts. This makes it easier for modern teams to integrate the Delphix DevOps Data Platform into their infrastructure-as-code deployments to provide continuous data and continuous compliance in their ephemeral CI/CD environments. 

    Tagging APIs: DCT 2.0 Beta enables VDBs to be logically grouped with user defined key-value tags. IT Operations teams can overlay Business Intelligence data using tags to cluster VDBs by ownership, function, application, region, or any other unique tag.  With tags, teams can aggregate filtered views of objects and synchronously run operations spanning the cluster across different scopes such as engines, data sources (dSources), Virtual Databases (VDBs), and environments (Dev/Test/QA/Locations).  

    Reporting APIs: We have added three new reports: virtualization storage utilization, VDB inventory, and dSource inventory. Reports will be generated on-demand through the reporting API or delivered by a scheduled email using an assigned SMTP server.

    Continuous Compliance

    Data Cleansing Algorithm: The updated cleansing algorithm will improve performance while adding functional improvements. Automated data cleansing is typically used as a pre-masking/tokenization transformation that normalizes outlier variations, removes whitespace, and corrects misspellings.  

    MinMax Algorithm: Performance improvements have been made to the minmax algorithm. Minmax is used to normalize numbers and date fields so they fall within a specified range during masking jobs. 

    Job Progress Status: The user interface now shows more granular detail on the progress of jobs. This includes which step is currently being processed and details about the time taken and content processed.

    "Optional" Columns for Multi-column Algorithms: As part of our masking algorithm overhaul, we have improved support for algorithms that concurrently use data stored in multiple columns in a single operation. The planned update ensures consistent masking results in situations such as handling addresses which may be divided across multiple columns where one or more columns may be optionally left empty.  

    Sensitive Data Discovery (Profiling) Improvements: To improve the accuracy of our column level profiling, we have added a new default Profile Set with 40 new profile expressions and additional domains that take advantage of type-aware profiling added in 6.0.13. For each domain we identify, we've added 1-2 data type constraints, as well as minimum length constraints for Numeric and String types where relevant. While this will not impact existing jobs, it is the default for new deployments, engine upgrades, and profiling jobs. 

    Continuous Data

    Single Engine Continuous Vault: This release enables the direct ingestion of production data to Continuous Vaults.  Delphix Continuous Vault helps organizations create safe copies of production data and prevents tampering using locked policies for Continuous Data Protection (CDP).  During ransomware incidents, teams are able to instantly deploy data from any time as VDBs for inspection and active use while recovering data to clean production instances.  

    MS SQL Server Virtual-to-Physical (V2P): We have improved how easily teams can quickly restore trusted data to production scale instances using Delphix. The upcoming release improves existing V2P support by enabling teams to specify separate drives where SQL Server transaction log files can be divided, due to their size.  V2P is often used for ransomware recovery, business continuity, cloud migration, and to load compliant test data to production scale database instances for benchmarking.  

    Postgres Ingest & Restore: We have added the ability to ingest logical backups (pg_dump/pg_restore) from Postgres. This enables workflows for:

    • Direct ingestion from PaaS data sources (AWS Aurora & RDS) and deployment to IaaS-hosted Targets
    • Selective ingestion of individual databases from multiple database instances of Postgres 

    SQL Server Reduced Privileges: Aligning to our zero-trust approach, "Delphix OS" user permissions on the Source will be reduced to the least privilege necessary from previous super-user "Administrator" or "Backup Operator" requirements.

    Cloud Applications

    Salesforce Data Protection & Version Performance: The May update allows users to configure up to 30 parallel upload threads (10x increase over previous release) to reduce downtime during data recovery operations. In addition, we have streamlined failed record retry performance and improved API call efficiency for data backups. 


    • Continuous Data & Compliance - VMware ESXi 7.0 U3c 
    • Continuous Compliance - SAP HANA 2.0 SP 05 
    • Continuous Compliance - CockroachDB
    • Continuous Data - Oracle and App Plugins for RHEL 8.5 

    For a complete list of features and fixes, please see the release notes. If you have questions about Delphix 6.0.14, please visit our community site and our support site.  Delphix 6.0.14 is immediately available to download for new installs and images in Cloud Marketplaces may trail the release by up to two weeks. Please contact Delphix Support if you need assistance with upgrades.


    Delphix Team


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