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Announcing DevOps Data Platform 10 & More!

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  • 1.  Announcing DevOps Data Platform 10 & More!

    Posted 04-13-2023 11:56:00 AM
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    Announcing DevOps Data Platform 10 & More!

    We are excited to announce our April releases! This month features DevOps Data Platform 10, Data Control Tower 6, and many features across all our product lines. Full details are available in the What's New Deck, release notes for Continuous Data, Continuous Compliance, Data Control Tower, Delphix Compliance Services, and the community post.

    As a reminder, we've moved our product offerings to an incrementing numbering scheme–9 followed by 10, 11, and 12. This does not change any support entitlements. 

    Data Control Tower (DCT)

    DCT 6 expands our vision of multicloud data governance, compliance and automation at scale by delivering a significant set of enhancements that extend the developer experience and DevOps integrations. This new experience provides developers and testers access to Delphix resources governed by a global access control framework. This release also expands the compliance user interface to enable the orchestration of common tasks such as copying and executing masking jobs.

    Developer Experience User Interface

    Developers and admins can centrally orchestrate common Continuous Data and developer operations from the DCT UI. These operations include the ability to refresh, rewind, and bookmark data. This functionality also exposes the notion of time flows (non-active timelines), which allows viewing past work on a VDB, such as the chronology of test results giving greater data visibility to developers. 

    Active Timeflow
    The Active Timeflow tab shows actionable points in time on a VDB.

    Timeflow HistoryThe Timeflow History tab serves as a developer-centric console showing the complete history of a VDB, including past timeflows representing prior test results.

    DCT Bookmark UI

    DCT can now create and manage bookmarks from the user interface. This includes a create bookmark interactive dialog, a management tab showing all bookmarks within a VDB, and a global bookmark dashboard. These visualizations are dual purpose–for administrators, these screens help with bookmark reporting and tagging, while for developers, these screens are a catalog of actionable data references. DCT Bookmarks can also be created from pre-existing snapshots, enabling migration of Self Service bookmarks to DCT. 

    Global Bookmark Dashboard

    The global bookmark dashboard gives administrators greater visibility over the bookmark estate.

    Compliance Job Orchestration User Interface

    This release features multiple enhancements to the compliance job UI, enabling job orchestration and reporting. This includes Job Copy and Execute functions and complete historical job execution logs within each compliance job's details view. 

    Compliance Job Orchestration User Interface



    The v4.0.0 Spoke leverages Data Control Tower's new global access control for scoping content visibility. In addition, catalog item workflows have been streamlined with property scoping and clear completion direction.

    Continuous Data

    Azure Key Vault Integration

    This release adds Azure Key Vault support for storing and accessing secrets, keys, and certificates necessary for Continuous Data operations.

    Data Connector Updates

    • Cassandra: The v1.1.0 connector adds security enhancements to the Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise data sources with SSL certificate support.
    • Oracle EBS v12.2: The v4.2.2 connector is certified on Oracle Database version 19c with RHEL8 and OL8.
    • MySQL/Linux: Starting with v3.0.0, the connector is closed source and requires entitlement. Future connector updates are available through our download site with practitioner details at our documentation site. The open-source repository will be archived.
    • Oracle Backup Ingestion (OBI): The v4.1.9.0 connector supports recent Continuous Data Engines and introduces security fixes. We encourage all OBI users to evaluate transitioning to the new Oracle Staging Push model or upgrading to the latest version of this connector to remain fully supported.
    • Connectors Entering Extended Support: Many legacy connectors have entered Extended Support. Please read the community announcement post for details.

    ESXi Version End Of Life

    Delphix aims to match our supported hypervisor vendors' product life cycles. ESXi 6.5 and 6.7 reached the end of Technical Guidance on 11/15/2023. To align our support, Delphix will end support of ESXi 6.5 and 6.7 in version (November 2023 release).

    Continuous Compliance

    More Automated Sensitive Data Discovery (ASDD) Classifiers

    Classifiers improve our ability to automatically discover sensitive information and accurately recommend masking algorithms. This update adds classifiers for identifying Credit Cards, Addresses, Telephone numbers, US Passports, US SSNs, and Bank accounts. With ASDD Classifiers, organizations can easily mask new data sources for downstream teams to start working with compliant data quickly.

    Classifiers User Interface

    This update adds a new user interface for the Automated Sensitive Data Discovery classifiers introduced in 9. Previously, classifier definitions were only accessible via the API. 

    Enhanced DocumentType support (JSON/XML)

    This update expands our support for the JSON and XML Document types. Applying the multi-column algorithms to JSON and XML structures is now possible. Further, it is now possible to mask JSON and XML structures stored in BLOBs. 

    Password Vault

    This release adds Hashicorp Vault support for storing and accessing secrets, keys, and certificates necessary for PostgreSQL operations.

    CData License Upload

    Our partnership with CData allows customers to purchase and use CData JDBC drivers from Delphix to connect to additional data sources with Continuous Compliance. This release enables users to install the required license files on their engines. Customers download the CData drivers directly from CData but download the corresponding license files for these drivers from Delphix. Consult your account representative for purchasing and using a specific CData driver. 

    New Database Certification

    This release supports Azure MI - Microsoft SQL Azure (RTM) - 12.0.2000.8.

    ESXi Version End Of Life

    Delphix aims to match the supported hypervisor vendors' product life cycles. ESXi 6.5 and 6.7 reached the end of Technical Guidance on 11/15/2023. To align our support, Delphix will end support of ESXi 6.5 and 6.7 in version (November 2023 release). 

    Hyperscale Compliance 7.0

    Improved Performance

    With the recently released 7.0 version of Hyperscale, you will experience improved performance via the enhanced intelligent load balancing service and increased efficiency of the job generation process. 

    Delphix DevOps Data Platform 10 is immediately available to download for new installs. Images in Cloud Marketplaces and Data Control Tower may trail the release by up to two weeks. Please contact Delphix Support if you need assistance with upgrades.



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