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Announcing Delphix 7.0 & More!

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  • 1.  Announcing Delphix 7.0 & More!

    Posted 01-12-2023 11:19:00 AM
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    Announcing Delphix 7.0 & More!

    We are excited to announce the general availability of Delphix 7.0, Data Control Tower 4.0, and Connector Plugins released in December 2022 and January 2023. Full details are available in the
    What's New Deck for 7.0, release notes for Continuous Data (Virtualization) and Continuous Compliance (Masking), Data Control Tower (docs), and the community post.

    Note: We have made changes to Continuous Data (Virtualization) and Continuous Compliance (Masking) releases for 2023 to bring you new functionality at an accelerated pace.  There is no change to the existing support window, releases are supported for 18 months from general availability, followed by extended support for an additional 18 months. Deprecation and product end-of-life policies will also remain unchanged.  You can read our full product lifecycle policies on our support site. 

    • Engine releases after 6.0.17 increment as 7.0, 8.0, 9.0, and so on.  This is to reflect that every release goes through the same quality testing and regression cycle.
    • In February for the 8.0 release, we will begin monthly releases of Continuous Data and Continuous Compliance engines.

    Featured Updates

    Cassandra Connector

    Cassandra Connector: We have added a new Delphix connector for Apache Cassandra and Datastax Enterprise. Cassandra is a modern NoSQL distributed database that leverages multiple nodes for replication and data sharding. The 7.0 release enables data synchronization, versioning, and deployment of data with modern DevOps TDM features such as rewind, refresh, bookmark, and share.

    Hyperscale Compliance for MS SQL Server

    Hyperscale Compliance for MS SQL Server: Hyperscale Compliance enables organizations to mask massive datasets using native bulk data operations and orchestrated parallel masking across multiple Delphix engines. With Delphix, development teams can start working with fresh, production-realistic compliant data in significantly less time than legacy methods.

    Continuous Data 

    Oracle Staging Push: Oracle staging push helps organizations keep nonproduction environments tightly synchronized with upstream data sources while providing an extra layer of production isolation. Teams can also leverage third-party backup solutions for bringing data into Delphix. 

    Oracle Multi-tenant (MT) Encryption for vCDBs: We have updated support for Oracle MT in 7.0 by adding Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) for Oracle MT Virtual Container Databases (VCDBs) in addition to Linked Container Databases. Teams can replicate production TDE keys to nonproduction environments or rekey them on VCDB deployment.  

    Continuous Compliance

    JSON and XML Algorithms:  Continuous Compliance 7.0 adds options for tokenization, re-identification, and chained algorithms in semi-structured JSON and XML data for both files and database columns.

    Data Control Tower (DCT)*

    Global Continuous Compliance UI: We have added additional UI screens for managing Continuous Compliance masking jobs in multicloud environments. Teams can drill down to engines, job details, and inspect intermediate steps in jobs to track current and historical performance.  

    Global Consumption Reports with Source Sizes: New administrative interfaces enable teams to quickly inspect data source sizes to better manage ingest, replication, and storage consumption.

    Granular RBAC Policies: DCT 4.0 adds fine grained user access policies to Delphix objects such as sources, dSources, and VDBs.  Using granular policies, InfoSec and IT Operations teams can better limit data access in zero trust environments. 


    Global Data Provisioning Templates: Provisioning templates enable teams to modify 60+ deployment configurations and provide a simple way for developers to easily leverage predefined database and Delphix configurations in a repeatable way.

    ServiceNow Integration: We have added additional Delphix actions to our ServiceNow integration enabling teams to refresh and rollback from data snapshots and timestamps.  In addition, there is now a ServiceNow Catalog of common Delphix data-as-code workflows. 

    New Relic Integration: We have updated our Quick Start for New Relic to leverage the latest Data Control Tower APIs.  With the updated integration, teams can view detailed metrics for Delphix engines, environments, sources, dSources, and VDBs in New Relic dashboards. In addition, Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) teams can automate the deployment of new data populated root cause analysis environments during incidents.  

    Multicloud Applications**

    Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform (Azure Data Factory and Azure Synapse): We have updated our integration to streamline the sensitive data discovery experience.  

    Delphix Compliance Services: Delphix Continuous Compliance Services for CRM is now Delphix Compliance Services (DCS).  DCS is our new SaaS offering for in-place masking of Salesforce sandboxes with referential integrity across multicloud sources. Compliance teams can leverage Delphix's extensive library of sensitive data masking algorithms mapped to data schemas in Salesforce. Organizations get easy, fast, and consistent provisioning of compliant data without worrying about infrastructure or complex configurations. Try it today with a 14-day free trial. 

    For a complete list of features and fixes, please see the full release notes (Continuous Data, Continuous Compliance). If you have questions about Delphix 7.0, please visit our community site and our support site. Delphix 7.0 is immediately available to download for new installs and images in Cloud Marketplaces may trail the release by up to two weeks. Please contact Delphix Support if you need assistance with upgrades.

    Delphix Team

    *  Data Control Tower and DevOps Integrations are independently shipped and generally available between engine releases
    ** Salesforce Data Protect and Version and Connector Plugins are independently shipped and available between engine releases

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