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Tip of the Day: How to Rollback a VDB Using Using the CLI

If you have a VDB provisioned from a particular parent and then refresh that VDB to to a new point in the parent time flow a new time flow is created for the VDB, however the original timeflow is still retained as long as there are snapshots and logs in it. (This is reliant on retention due to...

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Tip of the Day: Rewinding to a Timeflow Bookmark Using the CLI

1. ssh delphix@ 2. delphix > ls 3. delphix database > select "dexample" 4. delphix database "dexample" > get currentTimeflow 5. delphix database "dexample" > rollback 6. delphix database "dexample" rollback *> ls 7. delphix database "dexample" rollback *> set...

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Tip of the Day: Adding a Replication Spec Using the CLI

1. ssh into the delphix engine using delphix admin credentials 2. delphix > cd replication/spec 3. delphix replication spec > ls 4. delphix replication spec > create 5. delphix replication spec create * > ls 6. delphix replication spec *> set 7...

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Tip of the Day: Stopping and Restarting Redo Apply

Please note: Failure to properly customize these scripts could violate your Oracle license terms by running redo apply on an open database, which requires an Oracle Active Data Guard license. Oracle bug 10146187 requires stopping of redo apply before an SCN-based incremental backup can be issued...