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Fixed-Width File Masking

The objectives of this run-through are to allow you to try: Fixed-width file masking : the width or length of column(s) or field(s) in the files to be masked are defined. On-the-fly masking: On-The-Fly (OTF) masking work with a source environment/connector and a target environment...

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A Step by Step Guide to Importing Masking Jobs to the Virtualization Engine

The attached document leads you through all the steps necessary to import a masking job from the masking engine into the virtualization engine. How to Import masking jobs.pdf #Masking #import #Jobs

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GenRocket and Delphix Solutions Demo

Join Andy Pan (Sr. Product Marketing Manager) and Sri Kanur (Senior Solutions Engineer) who demonstrate how to ensure quality in your application development using synthetic data or subset data with the Delphix platform and GenRocket. #Virtualization #Masking #Self-Service #versioning ...

GenRocket Solution Demo.mp4

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Masking Demo (2020)

Transform your data into fictitious but realistic data to allow regulation compliance without slowing down testing, reporting, and development. #Masking #video #compliance #appdev

Masking Demo 1080p.mp4