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Legacy Custom Algorithm (Mapplet) End Of Life

Introduction Legacy Custom Algorithms (formerly known as Mapplets) will be EOL and removed from all Delphix Masking releases shipped after July 1st, 2022 . This guide explains how to check if you are using a Legacy Custom Algorithm, deprecated with the February, 2021 Deprecation...

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Rule Set Edit Feature - End of Life

Introduction The Database Rule Set options to specify a Table Suffix, Add Column, Join Table, and List on a table have been deprecated and will be removed from the product. This article describes how to identify if you are using these options, and, if so, how to convert them to an equivalent...

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Introducing Global Users and Groups for Data Control Tower

Join Ross Millenacker, Senior Product Manager, while he introduces Global Users and Groups for Data Control Tower - DCT, previously known as the Central Management Console. This functionality greatly simplifies the user management and data entitlement access experience, while aligning a broad...

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