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GenRocket and Delphix Solutions Demo

Join Andy Pan (Sr. Product Marketing Manager) and Sri Kanur (Senior Solutions Engineer) who demonstrate how to ensure quality in your application development using synthetic data or subset data with the Delphix platform and GenRocket. #Virtualization #Masking #Self-Service #versioning ...

GenRocket Solution Demo.mp4

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Time Travel with Delphix Self-Service (2020)

Recovery to any time, allowing you to accelerate the troubleshooting of production issues, protect against accidental deletion or corruption, and recover from malware/ransomware or malicious intent. #Self-Service #timeflow #video

TimeTravelDemo Final.mp4

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Provisioning Failures for "Delphix Dynamic Data Platform for Azure" Image from Azure Marketplace

Delphix became aware of VM provisioning failures from the Azure Marketplace via support cases opened by several customers. The outage is due to a Microsoft Azure hypervisor update roll-out which began on March 30, 2019. Delphix and Microsoft Azure are working together to mitigate this issue for...