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Provisioning Failures for "Delphix Dynamic Data Platform for Azure" Image from Azure Marketplace

Delphix became aware of VM provisioning failures from the Azure Marketplace via support cases opened by several customers. The outage is due to a Microsoft Azure hypervisor update roll-out which began on March 30, 2019. Delphix and Microsoft Azure are working together to mitigate this issue for...

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Protecting Data in AWS

Delphix's Viral Shah , Technical Manager Customer Services, took an in depth look at protecting your data in AWS using Delphix. Data is the one of the most critical assets for any Organization. Over the last few years, we all have seen exponential data growth across all Industries; and more...

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Delphix for Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery

Introduction The Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery movement is transforming software development processes andexpectations CI/CD has enabled innovative firms to push new code and new features orders of magnitude fasterthan ever before, delivering unprecedented...